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ANSI API St 619-2010 pdf free download

ANSI API St 619-2010 pdf free download.Rotary-type Positive Displacement Compressors for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries.
5.1.3 The purchaser shall specify the equipment’s normal operating point. ? 5.1.4 The purchaser shall specify all other operating points, including start-up conditions, and shall indicate the certified operating point. ? 5.1.5 The purchaser shall specify the settle-out pressure. In the event that this pressure is not available at the time of inquiry, the normal discharge pressure shall be assumed. NOTE If the actual settle-out pressure is higher than the assumed pressure, the seal system, drive-train components, relief valves and piping system can be adversely affected. 5.1.6 Equipment driven by induction motors shall be rated at the actual motor speed for the rated load condition. 5.1.7 Equipment shall be designed to run, without damage, at the relief-valve set pressure, specified maximum differential pressure and trip speed (see 5.1.12) simultaneously. NOTE There can be insufficient driver power to operate under these conditions. For machines operating with variable suction and discharge-pressure levels, maximum allowable temperature can occur before maximum allowable pressure or maximum allowable differential pressure occurs. In such cases, the manufacturer and the purchaser should jointly consider and apply suitable safeguarding controls to avoid any damage. Controls may include but are not limited to discharge temperature or differential pressure. 5.1.8 Unless otherwise specified, cooling-water systems shall be designed for the conditions given in Table 1:The vendor shall notify the purchaser if the criteria for minimum temperature rise and velocity over heat-exchange surfaces result in a conflict. The criterion for velocity over heat-exchange surfaces is intended to minimize water- side fouling; the criterion for minimum temperature rise is intended to minimize the use of cooling water. If such a conflict exists, the purchaser shall approve the final selection. 5.1.9 The arrangement of the equipment, including piping and auxiliaries, shall be developed jointly by the purchaser and the vendor. The arrangement shall provide adequate clearance areas and safe access for operation and maintenance. 5.1.10 All equipment shall be designed to permit rapid and economical maintenance. Major parts, such as casing components and bearing housings, shall be designed and manufactured to ensure accurate alignment on reassembly. This can be accomplished by the use of shouldering, cylindrical dowels or keys.
5.1.13 Spare and replacement parts for the machine and all furnished auxiliaries shall meet all the criteria of this part of ISO 10440. 5.1.14 Oil reservoirs and housings that enclose moving, lubricated parts, such as bearings, shaft seals, highly polished parts, instruments and control elements, shall be designed to minimize contamination by moisture, dust and other foreign matter during periods of operation and idleness. 5.1.15 The equipment (machine, driver and ancillary equipment) shall perform on the test stand and on their permanent foundation within the specified acceptance criteria. After installation, the performance of the combined units shall be the joint responsibility of the purchaser and the vendor who has unit responsibility. The performance of the machine shall also take into account the following. a) The power at the certified point shall not exceed 104 % of the quoted value with no negative tolerance on required capacity. b) The compressor vendor shall confirm that the unit is capable of continuous operation at any specified conditions. ? c) If specified, the compressor vendor shall confirm that the unit is capable of start-up at settle-out or elevated suction pressure. ? d) The purchaser shall specify gas composition(s). The purchaser may also specify relative molecular mass, ratio of specific heats (C p /C v ) and compressibility factor (Z). e) Unless otherwise specified, the vendor shall use the specified values of flow, the specified gas composition and the gas conditions to calculate relative molecular mass, ratio of specific heats (C p /C v ) and compressibility factor (Z). The compressor vendor shall indicate his values on the datasheets with the proposal and use them to calculate performance data. ? 5.1.16 If specified, the vendor shall review and comment on the purchaser’s piping and foundation drawings.

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