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API 2540-2004 pdf free download

API 2540-2004 pdf free download.API2540 Liquid Volume Correction User Program (ROC300-Series and FloBoss™ 407 Flow Managers) (ROCLINK™ for DOS Configuration Software).
NOTE: *Domain violations are triggered at contract conditions. The program automatically switches to the proper operating range, using the corrected density value, when one of the indicated ranges is selected. Calc Vapor Prs – Click to unlock (Yes) or lock (No) the calculated vapor pressure feature. When the Liquid Type is Gasoline, Condensate, or LPG, the Calc Vapor Prs option is unlocked (Yes), for all other liquids it is locked (No). Scan Period – 50-millisecond interval the flow is set to run. When it is set to less than 10ms, the flow does not run, and the “Not Active !!!” message displays. You must reset this parameter with the number of flows, particular configuration of the liquid flow, and general configuration of the ROC. Scan Time – Value calculated and displayed by the ROC for each scan, in seconds. If an unrealistic setting is in place for the Scan Period, the ROC cannot keep the calculation speed in place with the desired value, so significant differences will occur between the Scan Period and Scan Time, with a correspondent increase in Central Processor Unit (CPU) loading. Meter Type – Select the type of meter being used: ♦ Pulse. ♦ Analog. ♦ Orifice Plate. Alarming – Select Enable or Disabled. ♦ Enabled – Click the Alarms button to configure alarms for this point. Alarms are logged to the Alarm Log. Refer to Section 3.1.3, Alarms, on page 3-5. ♦ Disabled – No alarm generates for this point, regardless of the Alarms configuration. Meter Input – Select the Meter Input: Volume or Mass. When the Meter Type is Orifice Plate, the Meter Input is always Volume. Calc Output – Select the Calculation Output: Volume or Mass. Static Press – Select the Static Pressure mode: Gauge or Absolute. Static Press Tap – Select if the Static Pressure is Downstream or Upstream of the orifice plate.
Pipe Diam – Internal diameter of the pipe entered in millimeters or inches. Meter Type Orifice Plate only. Orifice Diameter – Diameter of the orifice entered in millimeters or inches. Meter Type Orifice Plate only. Viscosity – Viscosity of the flowing fluid at base conditions (cP or Lbm/Ft-s). Meter Type Orifice Plate only. Contract Temp – Contract Temperature of 15 Deg C or 60 Deg F. An invalid setting generates an error message and is logged. Contract Pressure is always assumed to be 101.325 kPa or 14.73 PSIA. (F1)Update – Click to refresh the screen with current values. (F2)Prev – Click to view the previous point. (F3)Next – Click to view the next point. (F8)Save – Click to save the changed data. 3.1.1 Calculations Select API2540 > API 2540 Setup and click Calculations to define the Accum Reset Mode, and also clear the accumulated values. The calculated values of Density and Correction Factors also display. Figure 3-2. API Calculations Accum Reset Mode – Select the accumulated reset mode option: ♦ At Contract Hour – At contract hour the program automatically transfers flow volume and minutes to yesterday values, and resets Flow Minutes Today and Acc Volume Today. ♦ Manual Only – Contract hour is ignored. Reset Accum– Select the accumulated reset option: ♦ Idle – Normal state, no action taken. ♦ Reset Now – Forces transfer from Flow Minutes Today to Flow Minutes Yesterday, Acc Volume Today to Acc Volume Yesterday, and sets Acc Volume Today and Flow Minutes Today fields to zero.
Densities Input Value – Displays actual input read (or set) density in kg/m 3 , lbm/cft, or Deg API. Flow Conditions – Displays actual flow density used in calculations in kg/m 3 , lbm/cft, or Deg API. At Contract – Displays actual base density used in calculations in kg/m 3 , lbm/cft, or Deg API. Correction Factors With Temperature – Temperature Correction factor currently used in flow calculation. With Pressure – Pressure Correction Factor currently used in flow calculation. Meter Slippage – Actual Meter Slippage factor used in calculations. The value is read-only and values are calculated and transferred from the Meter Slippage screen. Refer to Section 3.1.5, Slippage Factors, on page 3-7. 3.1.2 Volume-Time Snapshot Select API2540 > API 2540 Setup and click Volume-Time Snapshot to view Rates-Volumes and Flow Minutes.

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