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API 2B 2002 pdf free download

API 2B 2002 pdf free download.Specification for the Fabrication of Structural Steel Pipe.
Note: Ultrasonic inspection, as a supplementary requirement to the designated plate specification, may be specified, if desired, when stmcturaI steel pipe is to be used in the fabrication of tubular joint cans in T, Y, and/or K connections where fteedom !Tom laminations and/or other internal defections is required. 5 Fabrication 5.1 GENERAL 5.1.1 Fonning pipe furnishedto this specificationshall nor- mally be fonned below 400°F, that is, cold fonned. Wann fonning (between800°F and 1200°F or 50°F below the tem- pering temperatureofquenched and tempered steels) may be employed provided forming procedures for heat treated or TMCP steel are qualified to demonstrate the mechanical strength propertiesrequiredby the original plate specification are met in the wann fonned condition. Hot forming (above the upper critical temperature) may also be employed pro- vided the forming procedure is qualified to demonstrate all mechanical propertiesrequired by the original plate specifica- tions are met 5.1.2 The purchaser may specify Supplementary Require- ment I ifthe rolled direction ofthe plate is desired to be ori- ented in a specific direction during the fonning of the pipe, and the pipe shallbe so identified. 5.1.3 All welding shaIl be in accordance with AWS DU- 2000, Structural Welding Code-Steel. Unless otherwise approved by the purchaser, the submerged arc welding pro- cess shall be employed for all welding-except tack welds, root passes and repair welding where other AWS approved processes may be utilized. All welds shall be completejoint penetration groovewelds produced by employing AWS D1.1 prequalifiedjoint details, or other joint configurations quali- fiedby procedurequalificationtesting. Welding electrodes and fluxes shall conform to applicable AWS specificationsand shall be selected to match the mini- mum ultimate strength of the base material, 5.6 For LWDS pipe, no two girth welds shall be located closer together than lOft. This requirement does not apply to subse- quent fabrication which incorporates the mill pipe into a pile or structure. 6 6.1 Dimensions and Tolerances DIAMETER, LENGTH, AND WALLTHICKNESS The diameter, length, and wall thickness ofpipe furnished to this specification shal1 be as specified by the purchaser. The length of each pipe shall not vary from the specified nominal length more than:!: 11/2in. per 10 ft oflength. 6.2 ROUNDNESS The out-of-roundness, that is, the difference between the major and minor outside diameters at any point in a length of pipe, shall not exceed 1% of the nominal diame- ter or 1/4 in. maximum for wal1 thicknesses up to and including 2 in. For wall thickness exceeding 2 in., the maximum permitted deviation shall not exceed an out-of- roundness to wal1thickness ratio of 1:8. For pipe exceeding 48 in. in diameter, a maximum deviation of 1/2in. shal1 be permitted provided the circumference tolerance is main- tained within:!: 1/4in. 6.3 CIRCUMFERENCE The outside circumference at any point in a length ofpipe shall bewithin:!: 1% ofthe nominal circumference or within :!:1/2in., whichever is less.
7.4 REPAIR OF BASE METAL IMPERFECTIONS Imperfectionsdetectedinthebase metal shallbe exploredto determinetheextentofeach. Imperfectionsinthefinishedtube no deeper than 5% ofthe specifiednominal wallthickness and mechanical marks no deeper than 5% of the nominal wal1 thickness or 1/16in. in depth need not be removed. Imper- fections which exceed the above shal1 be ground to sound metaL The excavation area shal1be faired, and the thickness in the ground area shall not be reduced more than 7% ofthe nominal thickness but in no case more than 1/8in. depth. If the depth of imperfections in as-rol1ed plate exceeds the above limits, but not more than 20% of the nominal thick- ness, welding repairs may be performed. Repair of defects deeper than 20% of the nominal wal1 thickness or repair of defects with a length and/or width more than 20% of the nominal diameter shal1 not be permitted. Tubulars made from other than as-rolled plate shal1 not be repaired by welding unless specifical1yapproved by the purchaser.

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