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API 5CT-2006 pdf free download.Petroleum and natural gas industries – Steel pipes for use as
casing or tubing for wells.
2 Conformance 2.1 Normative references In the interests of world-wide application of this International Standard, ISOiTC 67 has decided, after detailed technical analysis, that certain of the normative documents listed in Clause 3 and prepared by ISOiTC 67 or other IS0 Technical Committee are interchangeable in the context of the relevant requirement with the relevant document prepared by the American Petroleum Institute (API), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These latter documents are cited in the running text following the IS0 reference and preceded by “or”, for example “IS0 XXXX or API YYYY”. Application of an alternative normative document cited in this manner will lead to technical results different from the use of the preceding IS0 reference. However, both results are acceptable and these documents are thus considered interchangeable in practice. 2.2 Units of measurement In this International Standard, data are expressed in both the International System (SI) of units and the United States Customary (USC) system of units. For a specific order item, it is intended that only one system of units be used, without combining data expressed in the other system. Products manufactured to specifications expressed in either of these unit systems shall be considered equivalent and totally interchangeable. Consequently, compliance with the requirements of this International Standard as expressed in one system provides compliance with requirements expressed in the other system. For data expressed in the SI, a comma is used as the decimal separator and a space as the thousands separator. For data expressed in the USC system, a dot (on the line) is used as the decimal separator and a space as the thousands separator. In the text, data in SI units are followed by data in USC units in parentheses. Separate tables for data expressed in SI units and USC units are given in Annex C and Annex E respectively.
4.1.15 heat analysis chemical analysis representative of a heat as reported by the metal producer 4.1.16 imperfection discontinuity in the product wall or on the product surface that can be detected by a NDE method included in Table C.62 or Table E.62 of this International Standard 4.1.17 inspection process of measuring, examining, testing, gauging or otherwise comparing a unit of product with the applicable requirements 4.1.18 inspection lot definite quantity of product manufactured under conditions that are considered uniform for the attribute to be inspected 4.1.19 inspection lot sample one or more units of product selected from an inspection lot to represent that inspection lot 4.1.20 inspection lot size number of units of product in an inspection lot 4.1.21 interrupted quenching quenching in which the pipe being quenched is removed from the quenching medium while the pipe is at a temperature substantially higher than that of the quenching medium 4.1.22 label 1 dimensionless designation for the size or specified outside diameter that may be used when ordering pipe I I f a E 2 dimensionless designation for the mass per unit length that may be used when ordering pipe 4.1.24 length piece of pipe that may be plain-end, threaded, or threaded and coupled, that is in accordance with the range requirements in Table C.30 or Table E.30 of this International Standard 4.1.25 linear imperfection imperfection which includes, but is not limited to, seams, laps, cracks, plug scores, cuts and gouges NOTE See API Std 5T1. 4.1.26 manufacturer one or more of the following, depending on the context: pipe mill; processor; threader; coupling manufacturer, pup-joint manufacturer; accessory manufacturer

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