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API 662-2006 pdf free download

API 662-2006 pdf free download.Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries — Plate-type heat exchangers — Part 1: Plate-and-frame heat exchangers.
6 Drawings and other data requirements 6.1 Drawings 6.1.1 The vendor shall submit general arrangement drawings for each plate-and-frame heat exchanger for review. The drawings shall include the following information: a) service, item number, project name and location, vendor’s shop order number and purchaser’s order number; b) design pressure, test pressure, maximum design temperature, minimum design metal temperature and any restrictions regarding testing or operation of the plate-and-frame heat exchanger; c) dimensions and location of supports; d) overall exchanger dimensions; e) maximum and minimum compressed plate pack length; f) side clearance required for plate removal; g) mass of the plate-and-frame heat exchanger, both empty and full of water; h) centre of gravity of the exchanger for empty and operating conditions; i) corrosion allowance; j) material specifications for all components; k) allowable forces and moments on connections; l) size, flange rating and facing, location, orientation, and flow identification of all connections; m) applicable design codes; n) number of plates installed and maximum number of plates for specified frame; o) gasket materials and attachment method (e.g. glued, clip-on, etc.). 6.1.2 The vendor shall recommend the tools needed for the assembly and maintenance of the plate-and-frame heat exchanger. If torquing of bolts is required, the vendor shall provide torquing procedures. 6.1.3 The review of general configuration drawings by the purchaser shall not relieve the vendor of the responsibility of meeting the requirements of the purchase order. 6.1.4 After receipt of the purchaser’s general arrangement drawing review comments, the vendor shall furnish the certified general configuration drawings and the detail drawings. z 6.1.5 If specified by the purchaser, the vendor shall furnish copies of applicable welding procedure specifications and weld map for review or record.
7.5 Corrosion allowance 7.5.1 7.5.2 Corrosion allowance, if specified, shall apply to unlined connections only. The corrosion allowance for plate material shall be zero. 7.6 Components 7.6.1 Plates shall conform to the following: a) the nominal thickness of gasketed plates before being pressed shall be sufficient to meet design conditions but shall not be less than 0,5 mm (0,02 in); b) the plates shall be fully supported by the carrying bar; c) the plates shall be designed to meet the design conditions without the need of additional stiffeners attached to the plate, unless otherwise approved by the purchaser; d) the thickness of pass plates shall be sufficient to withstand the total stream pressure drop across the port area; –` , ,“` , , , ,““ -` -` , ,` , ,` ,` , ,` — e) the wetted surfaces of supports for pass plates shall be of the same material as the plates; f) all gasketed and semi-welded plates shall have permanently stamped identification for proper assembly; g) end plates shall be furnished at the fixed and movable covers. 7.6.2 Fixed and movable covers shall conform to the following: a) Covers designed with the use of stiffeners shall require approval of the purchaser; b) Covers shall be furnished with slotted holes for tie bolts. The design shall mechanically restrain the tie bolts or nuts from turning. 7.6.3 Tie bolts and nuts for gasketed and semi-welded plate packs shall conform to the following: a) the nominal diameter of tie bolts shall be at least 16 mm (5/8 in); b) each tie bolt shall have one captive nut and at least one running nut. The length of each nut shall be greater than or equal to that of a heavy hexagonal type; c) hardened steel washers shall be provided under all rotating nuts; d) each tie bolt shall be supplied greased and with a plastic sleeve to protect it from the environment. 7.6.4 The carrying bar for gasketed and semi-welded plate-and-frame heat exchangers shall conform to the following

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