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2.1 SUMMARY Refuelling staff shall obtain verbal confirmation of the fuel grade from the pilot for all overwing fuellings. In certain situations (sections 2.3 to 2.5), witten confirmation is required. Under no circumstances shall refuelling staff assume what grade of fuel is required. Instructions to or between refuelling staff relating to overwing fuelling shall always include a reference to the grade of fuel required. This shall apply at all stages: receipt of orders, transferring orders onto notice boards and in all verbal communications. Overwing nozzles shall be colour coded; black for jet fuel and red for avgas (see section 2.8). Jet nozzles shall be ftted with selective spouts (see section 2.5). Where wing decals are not present on the aircraft, the fuelling shall not proceed unless a Fuel Order Form is completed by the customer. For full details of these procedures, refer to sections 2.2 to 2.10. 2.2 GRADE CONFIRMATION 2.2.1 Verbal orders Orders received verbally shall be repeated back to the customer for confirmation. However, in all circumstances the grade of fuel required shall be confirmed. The essential information is: .
Any orders received without specifying the grade, e.g. where a pilot places an order for “200 US Gallons/litres a side” or “fill it up”, shall be clarified to confirm the grade required and then repeated back to the customer for confirmation. Orders for overwing fuellings can be received verbally (personally or by telephone) only when the refelling is completed immediately following. All other instances shall require the order to be recorded after verbally being received from the pilot. Refuelling staff shall not attempt to fuel an aircraft purely on their knowledge of the aircraft type. For such a critical activity, all staff shall comply with the grade confirmation procedures and not assume the grade required. 2.2.2 Written records All verbal orders shall be recorded, including grade, quantity of fuel to be delivered into each aircraft fuel tank and aircraft registration information. The only exception is for verbal orders received on the apron with the fuelling completed immediately following. The recording of verbal orders and their transmission within the refuelling and associated site staff is critical in ensuring that the correct fuel grade and quantity are delivered. The use of customer confirmation records (i.e. meter tickets and other documentation that are used routinely to initiate normal fuelling or billing processes) shall not be confused with the use of the Fuel Order Form. The Fuel Order Form is used only under certain conditions (see section 2.4). The use of the Fuel Order Form shall be on an exception basis and not used routinely so as to highlight the importance of this non- routine task in delivering the correct grade of fuel to the aircraft. . 2.2.3 Grade/product names Standard product names shall be used by all site staf to avoid confusion. It is not uncommon for customers to use unusual or abbreviated product names which can lead to confusion. This is particularly apparent where customers have operated internationally1 or may only use one grade of fuel in their fleet and may not be aware of the importance of grade confirmation. Orders received from customers (or from instructions relayed via other members of staff) which do not use these product names shall be clarified. Orders such as “aviation fuel” or “gasoline”, etc.,. have the potential to cause the delivery of the incorrect grade of product. Refuelling staff shall only accept verbal fuel grade notification from the customer when there are wing grade decals ftted adjacent to the fuelling point of each aircraft fuel tank to be flled. 2.2.4 Use of wing decals Grade confirmation also occurs at the time of fuelling via the use of wing grade decals. The refuelling staff shall confirm, prior to commencement of fuelling, that the aircraft wing grade decal is the same grade as in the refuelling vehicle/equipment by observing the grade decal on the refuelling vehicle/equipment. Fuelling shall not commence unless they are the identical grade.

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