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API IP Spec 1581-2002 pdf free download

The main change included in this 5 th edition of API/IP 1581 is to remove Petronate L from all the test chemistries. Testing has shown that products currently qualified to the 4 th edition meet 5 th edition requirements for the category tested so that re-qualification is not required. This read-across from the 4 th to the 5 th edition applies only to the category tested and does not reduce the performance requirements of products produced to this publication. The 4 th edition of API/IP 1581 included a number of significant changes from the 3 rd edition. While changes in the first three editions served mainly to improve the consistency of aviation filtration equipment, changes in the 4 th edition were primarily designed to raise the level of performance and reduce the uncertainty inherent in aviation filtration. Specifically: — The classes (A-C) of performance levels were eliminated. The analysis of data from the field indicated that product contained approximately the same magnitude of particulate through the entire handling system. This resulted in the conclusion that filtration needed to be equally effective at all points in the handling system. Water handling capacity of new systems on refuelling equipment was also enhanced. Finally, a coalescer element with minimal dirt handling capacity was specified, known as S–LD for low dirt, for use in intrinsically clean systems or in concert with microfilter systems. — The group classification (I without and II with additives) of filter/separator systems was eliminated in favour of three new categories (M100 for JP-8+100, M for JP-8/JP-5, and C for Jet A/A1). That change brought commercial and military filtration requirements into a single specification. — The composition of the test dirt was changed to ensure that it is a more consistent size (about 1 :m) than the dirt in the first three editions. This reduces the effect of agglomeration and provides for more consistent and realistic results.
— The inclusion of one or more additional stages to a filter/coalescer and separator system was explicitly permitted. Additional stages envisioned included a water absorbing or fuse stage located inside separators, and/or a prefilter stage located inside filter/coalescers. — The testing protocol was changed to reduce the effort needed to qualify new elements. The individual runs are longer (water, dirt, water, 3 % water) but only one single-element test is needed for each model and configuration of filter/separator system. Multiple full-scale tests may reference one single-element test. — Access to the information about the vessel and contents was improved by defining specific information on permanent labels affixed to the vessel. — Access to the baseplate of new vessels was improved by decreasing the length versus diameter ratio of vessels. — The similarity system was split into a separate document (API/IP 1582 Specification for similarity for API/IP 1581 aviation jet fuel filter/separators, February 2001) to permit the development of a more robust system. As a result of the extensive changes from the 3 rd to 5 th editions, which enable significantly improved aviation filtration performance, delay is expected between the publication of this edition and the availability of elements qualified to it. The API Monogram Program will recognise the previous edition for one year after the publication of this edition. However, because of the benefits of this technology, it is recommended that API/IP 1581 5 th edition elements be qualified and offered as soon as practical. The American Petroleum Institute and The Institute of Petroleum are not undertaking to meet the duties of employers, manufacturers or suppliers to warn and properly train and equip their employees, and others exposed, concerning health and safety risks and precautions, nor undertaking their obligations under local and regional laws and regulations. Nothing contained in any American Petroleum Institute or Institute of Petroleum joint

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