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API MPMS 18.1 2018 pdf free download

API MPMS 18.1 2018 pdf free download.Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 18—Custody Transfer Section 1—Measurement Procedures for Crude Oil Gathered from Lease Tanks by Truck.
1 Scope and Field of Application These procedures are organized into a recommended sequence of steps for manually gauging and determining the quantity and quality of crude oil being gathered from lease tanks by truck. These measurements and tests are performed by crude oil truck drivers (COTDs) and other parties who are responsible for the custody transfer and for recording the results of the measurements and tests on the run tickets. These procedures apply to the custody transfer from lease storage tanks to the transporting truck. 2 Normative References The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. API MPMS Chapter 7.1, Temperature Determination, Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers API MPMS Chapter 8.1, Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products (ANSI/ASTM D4057) 3 Terms and Definitions For the purposes of this document, the following definitions apply. 3.1 crude oil truck driver COTD Assumes that the driver is also the gauger. However, it should be recognized that these duties may be separated between two individuals: a person who only drives the tank truck, and a gauger or applicable representative who is responsible for measurement and testing. 3.2 free water The water that exists as a separate phase. 3.3 gathering The process of transferring the custody of crude oil in the field from one party to another by performing various measurements and quality tests. 3.4 meniscus The concave upper surface of a liquid column. 3.5 merchantable oil Applies to liquid hydrocarbons that are judged to be acceptable for custody transfer to a carrier. Merchantable oil is settled and contains not more than a specified amount of suspended sediment, water, and other impurities.
3.6 run ticket The document, a type of measurement ticket, customarily used to record lease or facility name, location, test data on crude oil quantity and quality, destination, and gauger and witness signatures that are applicable to a particular gathering. 3.7 sampling All the steps required to obtain a sample that is representative of the contents of any pipe, tank, or other vessel, and to place that sample in a container from which a representative test specimen can be taken for analysis. 3.8 sediment and water S&W A material, coexists with, yet is foreign to a petroleum liquid that requires a separate measurement for reasons that include sales accounting. This foreign material may include free water, and sediment, and emulsified or suspended water and sediment. 3.9 crude oil lease tank A tank that is calibrated per API MPMS Chapter 2 Standards that stores crude oil from producing leases waiting to be transported by a carrier. 3.10 thief A bottom-closure, core-type sampler used to secure samples from storage tanks. 4 The Custody Transfer Concept Used The Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards covers individual procedures for sampling, temperature taking, gauging, and quality testing. This publication integrates these procedures into a sequence that can be applied during custody transfer of crude oil from lease tanks to a tank truck (see Section 6). With the column-of-oil concept used as the basis for the sequence, the sequence requires the crude oil truck driver (COTD) to start sampling and temperature taking from the top of the crude oil volume and to work systematically down through the crude oil layer until the free water and sediment level has been located; initial merchantability is then assessed. After these quality samples have been obtained for testing, the quantity measurements may be taken without concern for possible contamination of the quality samples.

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