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API Publ 1161-2000 pdf free download

API Publ 1161-2000 pdf free download.Guidance Document for the Qualification of Liquid Pipeline Personnel.
The United States Department of Transportation (DOT), Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA), requires that pipeline operators develop a written qualification program to evaluate personnel and contractor ability to perform covered tasks and to recognize and respond to abnormal operating conditions that may be encountered while performing these covered tasks. This is a performance-based qualification program. The regulations can be found in 49 CFR Part 195 and became effective October 26, 1999. A detailed discussion of the rule is included in this guidance document as Appendix A. Operators must have written qualification program complete. To provide guidance to the liquids pipeline industry, the American Petroleum Institute’s Subcommittee on Training developed this guidance document to help pipeline operators comply with the rule. Pipeline operators may choose to use all or part of this document to design a program to comply with the qualification rule or may elect to develop their own program independent of this publication. Pipeline operators may also choose to modify an existing program. I October 28’ 2o02 This publication represents the consensus position of the pipeline companies involved in the development of this document and is designed as an aid in developing a qualification program. This is a guidance document and should not be interpreted as a standard or recommended practice. Pipeline operators should continue to exercise independent judgement is determining whether their programs conform to the regulatory requirements.
Premises and definitions are important because they provide a standard for accurately and consistently identifying tasks and determining whether they are covered or not covered. The premises should address how your company interprets and applies the four-part test used to identify covered tasks and the company’s understanding of abnormal operating conditions associated with covered tasks. When developing premises and definitions, it is helpful to review the rule’s four-part test and establish what your company considers: 0 a pipeline facility an operations or maintenance task an activity specifically required of 49 CFR Part 195 an activity that affects the operation or integrity of the pipeline An example set of premises and definitions is included in Appendix B. NOTE: When you have fully established your premises and definitions, strictly adhere to them. This analysis should be completed for each position, required by your company, which performs operations or maintenance activities including contractor positions. Record each applicable activity on a master task list. It is important to focus on the activities of the position and not its responsibilities to determine if the activities are covered tasks. Task identification and analysis may be accomplished by: 0 0 0 Reviewing contracts 0 Reviewing 49 CFR Part 195 Interviewing individuals within each job position Reviewing operations, maintenance and safety manuals Reviewing the example covered task list in Appendix C of this guidance document. Review Appendix D for an expanded description of each covered task.
To identify which activities are covered tasks for your written program, measure each activity against the rule’s four-part test. Adhere to the premises your company developed as you apply the four-part test to identify covered tasks. The four-part test consists of the criteria listed below: 0 Is it performed on a pipeline facility? Is it an operations or maintenance task? Is it performed as a requirement of 49 CFR Part 195? Does it affect the operation or integrity of the pipeline facility? All four questions must be answered “yes” for the activity to be a covered task. Figure 2 shows the process for identifying and documenting covered tasks. Additional guidance related to the covered task four-part test can be found in the Supplementary Information of the rule. (See Federal Register, Volume 64, Number 166, published Friday, August 27, 1999, pages 46853-46867.) It is highly recommended that each company document its reason@) that an activity does not meet the criteria in the four-part test so the rationale may be referenced during regulatory review.

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