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API Publ 1673-2009 pdf free download

API Publ 1673-2009 pdf free download.Compilation of Air Emission Estimating Methods for Petroleum Distribution and Dispensing Facilities.
1 Introduction 1.1 Scope This publication is a compilation of methods for estimating emissions associated with activities that may occur at typical petroleum distribution and dispensing facilities. Distribution facilities include bulk terminals, bulk plants, pipeline breakout stations, and pipeline pumping stations. Dispensing facilities are primarily retail service stations. Evaporative losses of volatile organic liquids (VOLs) from distribution and dispensing facilities occur primarily from transfer operations (i.e. refueling of motor vehicles, and the loading or unloading of tank trucks, railcars, and ships or barges), storage tanks, and equipment leaks (i.e. piping components such as valves and pumps). Emission estimating methods have been developed to quantify total VOL emissions from these sources and to speciate these emissions. Speciation is the determination of the fraction of the total emissions that are attributable to given individual chemical compounds, or species. Emission estimating methods change over time as more accurate methods are developed, emission controls change, and the compositions of petroleum products change in response to regulations and consumer needs. 1.2 Purpose The purpose of this publication is to compile the most current and widely accepted emission estimating methods for petroleum distribution and dispensing facilities in one document. Numerous studies have been conducted to estimate emissions from these facilities. As a result, more than one estimating method is sometimes available for a given emission-generating activity, with the different methods potentially having differing levels of complexity. There is a trade-off between accuracy and complexity of emission estimates. More accurate estimates require more information about the specific activity. Section 3 of this publication provides the emission estimating methods. Emission estimating methods that can be stated briefly are provided in whole in Section 3; 2 Definitions 40 CFR Part 63, Subpart BBBBBB [1] , Section 63.11100, includes the following definitions related to gasoline distribution facilities. 2.1 bulk gasoline plant Any gasoline storage and distribution facility that receives gasoline by pipeline, ship or barge, or cargo tank and has a gasoline throughput of less than 20,000 gal/day. NOTE This differs from the definition implied by 40 CFR Part 60, Subpart XX [2] , Section 60.501 and 40 CFR Part 63, Subpart R [3] , Section 63.421. These rules do not define a bulk plant, but define a bulk terminal as any gasoline facility which receives gasoline by pipeline, ship or barge, and has a gasoline throughput greater than approximately 20,000 gal/day. This implies that a facility receiving only by cargo tank is a bulk plant, regardless of throughput.
2.2 bulk gasoline terminal Any gasoline storage and distribution facility that receives gasoline by pipeline, ship or barge, or cargo tank and has a gasoline throughput of 20,000 gal/day or greater. 2.3 equipment Each valve, pump, pressure relief device, sampling connection system, open-ended valve or line, and flange or other connector in the gasoline liquid transfer and vapor collection systems. This definition also includes the entire vapor processing system except the exhaust port(s) or stack(s). 2.4 gasoline cargo tank A delivery tank truck or railcar which is loading gasoline or which has loaded gasoline on the immediately previous load. 2.5 pipeline breakout station A facility along a pipeline containing storage vessels used to relieve surges or receive and store gasoline from the pipeline for re-injection and continued transportation by pipeline or to other facilities. 2.6 pipeline pumping station A facility along a pipeline containing pumps to maintain the desired pressure and flow of product through the pipeline and not containing storage vessels. 40 CFR Part 63, Subpart CCCCCC [4] , Section 63.11132, includes the following definition. 2.7 gasoline dispensing facility GDF Any stationary facility which dispenses gasoline into the fuel tank of a motor vehicle. While the regulatory definitions listed above are specific to gasoline, this publication applies to distribution and dispensing facilities for VOLs and is not limited to gasoline. 3 Emission Estimating Methods 3.1 Distribution Facilities 3.1.1 Overview AP-42, Section 5.2.1, gives an overview of the petroleum distribution system. Table 1 summarizes emission estimating methods for activities at distribution facilities. 3.1.2 Storage Tanks Storing, Filling, and Emptying a VOL in a Storage Tank EPA offers software (TANKS) to estimate emissions from storage tanks. TANKS is based on the emission estimating procedures from AP-42, Chapter 7, and is available at www.epa.gov/ttn/chief/software/tanks/index.html.

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