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API RP 1162-2010 pdf free download.Public Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators.
2.1 P UBLIC A WARENESS P ROGRAMS FOR P IPELINE O PERATORS Public Education (49 CFR Parts 192.616 and 195.440) These regulations require pipeline operators to establish continuing education programs to enable the public, appropriate government organizations, and persons engaged in excavation-related activities to recognize a pipeline emergency and to report it to the operator and/or the fire, police, or other appropriate public officials. The program must be conducted in both English and in other languages commonly understood by a significant number and concentration of the non-English speaking population in the operator’s area. 2.2 Emergency Responder Liaison Activities (49 CFR Parts 192.615 and 195.402) These regulations require that operators establish and maintain liaison with fire, police, and other appropriate public officials and coordinate with them on emergency exercises or drills and actual responses during an emergency. 2.3 Damage Prevention (49 CFR Parts 192.614 and 195.442) These regulations require pipeline operators to carry out written programs to prevent damage to pipelines by excavation activities. 2.4 Other Regulations Operators should determine if state, local, or other regulations exist with which they must comply. 3 3.1 Terms, Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations Terms and Definitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. 3.1.1 8-1-1 (call 811 or 811) National Call Before You Dig telephone number federally mandated to eliminate the need of having to remember a state “One Call Center” toll-free telephone number.
3.1.2 baseline public awareness program Relevant components of an operator’s public awareness program for delivery frequency, message content, and delivery methods as summarized in Annex A of this document. 3.1.3 Dig Safely Nationally recognized damage prevention education and public awareness program to enhance safety, environmental protection, and service reliability by reducing underground facility damage. 3.1.4 encroachment Unauthorized advancement onto or within the operator’s ROW. 3.1.5 enhanced public awareness program Components of a public awareness program that exceed baseline program provisions. NOTE Enhancements are also known as supplemental requirements under Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations (49 CFR Part 1 92.61 6 and 49 CFR Part 195.440). 3.1.6 focus group Participants representing one or more target audiences who are gathered to provide feedback on a topic.
4 Overview The overall goal of an operator’s public awareness program is to help protect people, property, and the environment through increased stakeholder awareness and knowledge. A public awareness program should inform stakeholders about the presence of pipelines in their communities, the steps that they should take to prevent damage to pipelines, and how stakeholders should recognize, report, and respond to pipeline emergencies. This chapter provides an overview of the process for developing, implementing, and evaluating a public awareness program. Although this RP aims to achieve greater consistency among public awareness programs, programs will vary because of differences in pipeline systems, stakeholder audiences, and potential hazards. Figure 1 describes the process for a public awareness program. 5 Program Establishment Establishing a public awareness program includes the following five activities: — define objectives (what the public awareness program should accomplish), — obtain management commitment (management to recognize and support the public awareness program), — establish program administration (administrative framework for the program and assigning personnel), — identify pipeline assets (which assets should be covered by the public awareness program), — identify stakeholder audiences (which people should be targeted to receive public awareness messages). 5.1 Define Objectives The following three objectives (together with others that may be identified by individual pipeline operators) provide the foundation for a pipeline public awareness program.

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