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API RP 1181-2019 pdf free download

API RP 1181-2019 pdf free download.Pipeline Operational Status Determination.
1 Scope This document provides guidance for operations, inspection, and maintenance activities based on the operational status of a pipeline. This establishes: — operations, inspections, and maintenance recommendations for various pipeline operational statuses; — pipeline status documentation requirements; — recommendations regarding safe transition between pipeline statuses. For purposes of this document, the word “pipeline” refers to transmission and regulated gathering pipelines and pipeline systems, although the principles may be applied to nonregulated gathering and flow lines. Regulations, permits, and easement requirements may supersede the guidance given in this document. Table 1 provides an overview of pipeline operational statuses and associated maintenance levels.
5.3.3 Deferred Maintenance and Inspection Activities on Idled Pipelines Maintenance and inspection activities that can be deferred on idled pipelines until the line returns to active status or abandoned include but are not limited to: — overpressure and overfill safety device inspections; — valve inspections; — emergency shutdown device inspections; — ROW maintenance; — ROW surveillance; — IMP activities; — internal corrosion control; — management of cased pipeline sections; — leak detection and leakage surveys; — control room management activities associated with the idled pipeline; — firefighting equipment inspection and maintenance; — inspections of idled breakout tanks; — remedial maintenance, such as: — atmospheric recoat; — exposure remediation; — continual surveillance for class location changes of gas pipelines. 5.3.4 Documentation Documentation activities for idled pipelines include: — documenting details of the purging and cleaning activities as applicable; — documenting inspection, maintenance, and repair activities being performed and those being deferred; — maintaining management of change (MOC) documentation showing pipeline is idled; — documenting communication with the appropriate regulatory jurisdiction as applicable.
5.3.5 Returning an Idled Line to Service Prior to returning an idled line to service, operators shall develop and implement a written return-to-service plan, including: — a risk assessment; — an integrity verification plan; — a review of maintenance and CP records; — a schedule to resume deferred inspection and maintenance. If a line was idled and is returned to active service, operators shall confirm integrity of the pipeline, including use of integrity testing such as leak tests, hydrotests, and/or in line inspections. Operators shall ensure that all deferred inspection and maintenance activities that could affect the safe operation of the line are addressed prior to returning the line to active service. Deferred activities that do not affect the safe operation of the line should be addressed as soon as practical after returning the line to active service. Appropriate notifications shall be made as required by the regulatory agency with jurisdiction over the pipeline. 5.4 Status 3—Abandoned Refer to Table 5 for information on abandoned pipeline status.
— Damage prevention activities, including public awareness programs and One Call is determined through review of local requirements: — See Common Ground Alliance [3] best practice for further information. — Line markers are not required and may be removed. — Aboveground equipment may be electrically and mechanically isolated and can be removed or demolished. — CP programs are ceased: — Consideration should be given for filling deep well anode beds. — Ceasing CP may have deleterious impacts on other assets. — Operators shall consider stray ac/dc current issues and other issues when reducing or eliminating CP maintenance. — Consideration should be given to road, railroad, levees, and water crossings for long-term impacts on physical assets and environmental and public safety. 5.4.2 Documentation Documentation activities for abandoned pipelines include: — documenting details of the purging and cleaning activities as applicable; — maintaining MOC documentation showing it is abandoned; — documenting location of pipe segments that are physically removed; — documenting required notifications/reporting to regulatory agencies with jurisdiction; — documenting communication with other asset-operators of discontinuation of CP.

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