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API RP 17A-2017 pdf free download

API RP 17A-2017 pdf free download.Design and Operation of Subsea Production Systems—General Requirements and Recommendations.
API Recommended Practice 1 7Q, Subsea Equipment Qualification―Standardized Process for Documentation API Recommended Practice 1 7R, Recommended Practice for Flowline Connectors and Jumpers API Recommended Practice 1 7S, Recommended Practice for the Design, Testing, and Operation of Subsea Multiphase Flow Meters API Recommended Practice 1 7U, Recommended Practice for Wet and Dry Thermal Insulation of Subsea Flowlines and Equipment API Recommended Practice 1 7V, Recommended Practice for Analysis, Design, Installation, and Testing of Safety Systems for Subsea Applications API Recommended Practice 1 7W, Recommended Practice for Subsea Capping Stacks API Specification Q1 , Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry API Specification Q2, Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries 3 3.1 Terms, Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Symbols Terms and Definitions For the purposes of this document, the following definitions apply. 3.1.1 extended factory acceptance test EFAT Test conducted to verify that the specified requirements, for a set of interfacing products, have been fulfilled. 3.1.2 interchangeability test ICT Test conducted to verify the interchangeability requirements of “identical” products, which may be interfaced with other mating products at the installation site, have been fulfilled. 3.1.3 life cycle That of a subsea development that includes design, manufacture through commissioning, operations, intervention, and decommissioning.
— API 17Q, Recommmended Pracctice for Subbsea Equipmment Qualificaation―Standdardized Proocess for Docuumentation. This RP provvides guidancce on relevan qualification methods hat may be applied to facilitaate subsea prroject execution. — API 17V, Recommmended Pracctice for Anallysis, Design Installation and Testinng of Safety Systems for Subsea Appliications. This RP provides a compreheensive treatmment of the equirements for safety system necessary for a variety of subsea pplications. — API 17TR5, Avoiidance of Blockages in Subsea Production Control and Chemical Injection Systeems [6] . In adddition to addreessing the avvoidance of bllockages, thiss report also includes requuirements and gives recommmendations for the design and operation of subsea production syystems with he aim of preveenting blockagges in control and productioon chemical ffluid conduits and associatted connectorrs/fittings. — API 17TR6, Attriibutes of Prroduction Chhemicals in Subsea Prooduction Syystems [7] . Prroduction chemicals delivereed to a subsea productionn system viaa a chemical injection sysstem can be complex formuulations that have a wide range of hemical and physical propperties. In ervice, the prroduction chemicals can com into conttact with othe fluids, mettallic and pollymeric mateerials, and a range of physiccal conditions in respect of temperature and pressurre. This repor was develooped with the objective of minnimizing the risk of a produuction chemiccal not being delivered at the required volumetric ratte, due to inadequate specification of the production chemical deelivery system or formattion of restricctions or blockaages in that system. — API 17TR13, Geneeral Overview of Subsea Production Systems [12] . This documen provides descriptions and basic design guuidance on suubsea productiion systems. 4.3.2 Subsea Hardwware (Wellheeads, Trees, Manifolds, and Structurees) Subsea documents thaat address assembled equipment includde: 4.3.4 Control Systeems Subsea documents thaat address control system requirementss include: — API 17E, Specificcation for Suubsea Umbiliicals. This doocument speecifies requireements for the design, materrial selection, manufacturre, design verification, esting, installation, and operation of subsea umbilicals and the ancillary equipment. It applies to umbilicals or static or dynamic servvice, with surfacce-surface, suurface-subseaa, and subseaa-subsea routtings. — API 17F, Standarrd for Subse Production Control Syystems. This standard prrovides criteriia for the design, manufacture, testing, an operation of various typpes of surface control systeem equipmentt, subsea controol systems, and requiremeents for the asssociated conntrol fluids. Thhis equipmennt is utilized foor control of subbsea production of oil and gas and for subsea water and gas injecction services — API 17S, Recommmended Pracctice for Dessign, Testing and Operaation of Subssea Multiphaase Flow Meterrs. This RP provides minnimum requireements for subsea multipphase flow meters to help assure mechanical and eleectrical integrrity, communiccations capabbility, and meaasurement peerformance foor reliable use. — API 17TR10, Subbsea Umbiliccal Terminatiion (SUT) Design Recommmendation [9] . This eport was generrated in respoonse to the increasing diffficulties in innstallation of high-functionality subsea umbilical terminnations (SUTss), due to theeir increasing size. While tthere are univversally acceppted standardds for the design of an SUT and its subssystems, nonee of these sttandards speccifically addreess the subjeect of the risks of installation and the meaasures require to minimize these risks.

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