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API RP 591-2019 pdf free download.Process Valve Qualification Procedure.
4 Manufacturer Quality Management System Evaluation 4.1 General The manufacturer shall establish and maintain a quality management group that shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining a quality management system. The quality management system shall follow the principles of ISO 9001. 4.2 Record and Documentation Review The manufacturer shall upon request make the following available: a) quality manual; b) organizational structure and functional responsibilities with levels of authority; c) approved supplier list; d) most recent supplier evaluation record; e) inspection and test plan for purchased pressure containing components; f) confirmation of sub-supplier quality management system following the principles of ISO 9001; g) documents and records relating to special processes such as those used in welding, heat treatment, and nondestructive examination; h) final product examination and testing documents; i) test equipment list; and j) traceability procedures of pressure containing components: 1) certified mill test reports (CMTRs), 2) certificates of compliance (CoCs). 4.3 Right of Access The manufacturer’s procurement documents shall require their suppliers to provide access to their plant facilities and records for inspection or audit by the manufacturer, their designated representative, or other parties authorized by the manufacturer. 4.4 Document Control Documents supplied during valve qualification shall be identical copies of documents currently being used in the manufacturing process at the time of testing. 5 Valve Qualification 5.1 Data to be Provided by Manufacturer 5.1.1 General assembly drawings of one valve size of each design for each pressure class shall be available to the qualification facility. These drawings shall show: all applicable construction details, including stem-to- wedge, disk, ball, or plug connections; guides; bearings; stem seals; body joint; body joint gasket; seat(s); and seal(s).
5.1.2 Where welding, including casting repair, is performed by the manufacturer and/or the foundry on the valves being evaluated, the applicable welding procedures and weld procedure qualification shall be provided. 5.1.3 The manufacturer shall make available a tabulation of the foundries and forge shops from which castings or forgings used for bodies, bonnets, covers, and closure elements (e.g. wedges, disks, plugs, or balls) were obtained and the manufacturing facilities from which completed valves were obtained. The table shall include any special marking or coding used by the manufacturer to trace, distinguish, and identify component parts from different sources, including each manufacturing location and address. 5.1.4 For gate and globe valves, the manufacturer shall provide the recommended closure torques to adequately seat the valve at the maximum rated pressure for all sizes of valves being evaluated. For quarter- turn valves, the manufacturer shall provide break-to-open and end-to-close torques at the maximum rated pressure. For bidirectional valves, the manufacturer shall provide torque values for both directions. 5.1.5 The manufacturer shall provide written certification, signed by an officer or senior-level manager responsible for quality control for the manufacturing company, that states that the manufacturer’s production valves, regardless of size, pressure class, or materials of construction, are equivalent to the valves involved in the qualification and comply with the applicable product standards. 5.1.6 The manufacturer shall identify the name and location of the facility where the valves undergo final assembly and testing for inclusion in the final report required by 5.5. 5.1.7 Manufacturing by a third party (private labeling), where the manufacturing facility does not fully own the name, trademark, or symbol on the valve, requires that the following additional information shall be documented in the final report prepared by the test facility:
5.2 Valve Qualification Facility The manufacturer shall engage a qualification facility to perform the inspections, examinations, and tests described in this section. The facility(s) used shall be mutually agreeable to the purchaser and the manufacturer. The qualification facility staff responsible for testing shall include a degreed or licensed metallurgical engineer or mechanical engineer. The qualification facility may subcontract portions of these inspections, examinations, and tests as required; however, subcontracting back to the valve manufacturer is not permitted. The qualification facility(s) shall be equipped and capable of performing or supervising the performance of nondestructive examination, physical tests, and chemical analyses on materials. The qualification facility staff shall be familiar with the applicable API valve standards and the codes, standards, and specifications referenced in those standards. The facility’s proposed program shall cover the following: a) qualifications of the personnel performing the inspections and tests; b) test details and format used to present the results of the tests; c) number, sizes, and types of valves examined (see Annex A); and

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