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API RP 5A5-2005 pdf free download

API RP 5A5-2005 pdf free download.Field Inspection of New Casing, Tubing, and Plain-end Drill Pipe.
6 Ordering information 6.1 In specifying the application of this International Standard to an order for the inspection of new OCTG, the owner shall specify, for each size and type of OCTG, the following order information: a) the inspection(s) to be applied; b) the frequency of sampling for inspection; c) the reference standard, if applicable; d) the acceptance criteria; e) the permissible disposition of all classifications of OCTG (see Table A.19); f) the instructions for marking. 6.2 The applicability of methods and procedures contained in this International Standard in accordance with ISO 11960, ISO 11961 or API Spec 5D, or API Spec 5B is indicated in 11.2, 12.2, 13.2, 14.3, 15.2, 16.2, 17.2, 18.2, 19.2 and 20.2. Some procedures in this International Standard are beyond the scope of the inspection requirements of ISO 11960, ISO 11961 or API Spec 5D, and API Spec 5B. 7 Quality assurance 7.1 The agency performing field inspection shall have a quality programme consistent with the provisions of a recognized quality standard. The agency’s quality programme shall be documented and shall include written procedures for all inspections performed. 7.2 The agency’s quality programme shall include documented procedures for the calibration and verification of the accuracy of all measuring, testing and inspection equipment and materials. 7.3 The agency’s quality programme shall include records that verify inspection system capability for detecting the required reference indicators. In order to meet the requirements of ISO 11960, and ISO 11961 or API Spec 5D, the verification of inspection system capability shall address the following. a) Standardization and operating procedures: The standardization procedures will vary with the different types of equipment, but as a minimum the written procedures shall address the method for assuring coverage (minimum 100 % for longitudinal and transverse flaws), minimum notch response, and maximum signal-to-noise ratio. 7.4 The agency’s quality programme shall include provisions for the education, training and qualification of personnel performing inspections in accordance with this International Standard. 8 Qualification of inspection personnel 8.1 General This clause sets forth the minimum requirements for qualification and certification (where applicable) of personnel performing field inspection of OCTG. 8.2 Written procedure Agencies performing inspection of OCTG in accordance with this International Standard shall have a written procedure for education, training and qualification of personnel. The written procedure shall include the following: a) establish administrative duties and responsibilities for execution of the written procedure; b) establish personnel qualification requirements; c) require documentation verifying all qualifications. 8.3 Qualification of inspection personnel The qualification inspection personnel shall be the responsibility of the agency. ISO 11484 or ASNT SNT-TC- 1A may be used as a guideline. The requirements for each applicable qualification shall include the following as a minimum: a) training and experience commensurate with the inspector’s level of qualification; b) written and practical examinations with acceptable grades; c) a vision examination; d) knowledge of the related sections of the applicable ISO/API standards and this document.
8.4 Training programmes 8.4.1 All qualified personnel shall have completed a documented training programme designed for that level of qualification. The programme shall include the following: a) principles of each applicable inspection method; b) procedures for each applicable inspection method, including calibration and operation of inspection equipment; c) related sections of the applicable ISO/API standards. 8.4.2 Training may be given by the agency or an outside agent. 8.5 Examinations 8.5.1 All inspection personnel shall have successfully completed the following examinations. a) Written examinations addressing the general and specific principles of the applicable inspection method, the inspection procedures, and the applicable ISO/API standards. b) A practical examination that shall include apparatus assembly, standardization, inspection techniques, operating procedures, interpretation of results for appropriate levels, and related report preparation. c) Natural or corrected vision to read J-2 letters on a Jaeger number-2 test chart at a distance of 304,8 mm to 381,0 mm (12 in to 15 in). Equivalent tests, such as the ability to perceive a Titmus number-8 target, a Snellen fraction 20/25, or vision examinations with optical apparatus administered by physicians, are also acceptable. 8.5.2 Examinations shall be given by the agency or an outside agent.

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