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API RP 5SI-2006 pdf free download

API RP 5SI-2006 pdf free download.Recommended Practice for Purchaser Representative Surveillance and/or Inspection at the Supplier.
4 Responsibilities of the Parties All parties involved with surveying and/or inspecting product should have clear and defined responsibilities in addition to the fol- lowing: 4.1 RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PURCHASER The purchaser should establish through purchase orders, specifications, preproduction meeting minutes, or other written commu- nications the responsibility of each party based upon the following: a. The purchaser should select the purchaser representative and the survey and/or inspection level required. b. The purchaser should establish the protocol as to the responsibilities and authorities of the purchaser representative. This pro- tocol should include communications of relevant information to all parties. c. The purchaser should ensure that clear documentation of the agreement between the purchaser and the supplier is provided to the purchaser representative, such as: an un-priced copy of the purchase order including any exceptions and/or applicable specifications. d. The purchaser should determine the need of a pre-production meeting and should ensure that the purchaser representative is either represented at the meeting or is fully advised, either verbally or in writing, of agreements made between the purchaser and the supplier at the meeting. It is recommended that the purchaser representative attend the preproduction meeting where possible. 4.2 RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PURCHASER REPRESENTATIVE The purchaser representative should be responsible for the following: a. Ensuring that clear direction is received from the purchaser as to communications protocol, responsibilities, authorities, and extent of representation. b. Providing copies of specifications, agreements, appropriate gages and instruments, safety equipment and other necessities to its employees as appropriate to perform the assignment. c. Activities of the purchaser representative in the supplier’s facility should not interfere with the normal activities of the supplier, including production rate. 4.4 RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SUPPLIER The supplier should be responsible for the following: a. The supplier should allow the purchaser representative access to all parts of the supplier’s facility that concerns the purchaser’s product ordered and at all times while work on the purchaser’s product is being performed. b. The supplier should give advance notification to the purchaser and the purchaser representative of changes in plant scheduling that could affect the purchaser representative activities related to the order. c. The supplier should provide the purchaser representative reasonable facilities to the purchaser representative that the product is being produced in accordance with the applicable purchase agreement. Reasonable facilities typically may include office space, telephone, internet access, mail/package delivery, and specialized safety equipment. d. The supplier should endeavor to present to the purchaser representative for inspection only product that the supplier has found to meet purchaser requirements. e. The supplier should identify any documents that are considered proprietary to the manufacture or processing of the product described in the purchase agreement. The supplier, purchaser and purchaser representative should establish the parameters by which such documents can be accessed, copied and submitted during manufacture and processing. f. It is not generally required, nor advisable, for the supplier to provide equipment to the purchaser representative. For the pur- pose of final decisions, the suppliers calibrated equipment should be the ruling equipment, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

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