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API RP 70I-2004 pdf free download

API RP 70I-2004 pdf free download.Security for Worldwide Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Operations.
1 Scope, Purpose and Objective This publication is intended to assist the offshore oil and natural gas drilling and producing operators and contractors in assessing security needs during the performance of oil and natural gas operations. The offshore oil and natural gas indus- try uses a wide variety of contractors in drilling, production, and construction activities. Contractors typically are in one of the following categories: drilling, workover, well servicing, construction, electrical, mechanical, transportation, painting, 2.6 point of embarkation: The heliport or dock facility from which personnel and materials are shipped to or received from the offshore facility. Appropriate security mea- sures at these facilities are critical. 2.7 security vulnerability assessment (SVA): A sec- ondary evaluation that examines a facility’s characteristics and operations to identify potential threats or vulnerabilities and existing and prospective security measures and proce- dures designed to protect a facility. operating, and catering/janitorial. 2.8 threshold characteristics/operating condi- 2 Definitions 2.1 company security officer (CSO): The CSO is responsible for the maintenance of the Security Plan. The CSO shall have access to relevant security information. The CSO shall determine which information, and by what means, it is communicated. The CSO may delegate duties as neces- sary to assure timely completion of responsibilities. The CSO may be assigned other duties and responsibilities unrelated to security. 2.2 contractor: the individual, partnership, firm, or cor- poration that is hired to do a specific job or service, such as a production operator, drilling or well servicing contractor or to provide contract employees to an owner/operator; a contrac- tor is also the individual, partnership, firm, or corporation retained by the owner or operator to perform other work or provide supplies or equipment. The term contractor shall also include subcontractors.
7.3 Security Levels Security Levels are defined as the qualification of the degrees of risk that a security incident will be attempted or will occur. Level 1: The level for which minimum appropriate protec- tive security measures shall be maintained at all times. Level 2: The level for which appropriate protective secu- rity measures shall be maintained for a period of time as a result of heightened risk of a security incident. Level 3: The level for which further specific protective security measures shall be maintained for a limited period of time when a security incident is probable or imminent, although it may not be possible to identify the specific target. 7.4 Security Level Actions Three levels of escalating threat conditions have been defined. 7.4.1 Security Level 1 comprise the remainder of this recommended practice. Applies when there is a minimal risk of threat activity 7.2 Security Plan Elements In developing a security plan, the facility owner/operator should consider several basic elements. This document recognizes the importance of flexibility in designing security plans and provides guidance commensu- rate with this need. It is important to recognize that a security plan could be a highly integrated and iterative process. 7.2.1 Develop Baseline Security Plan A plan is developed to address awareness, communication and response actions, as applicable to the most significant risks to the facility. The output of the SVA, if conducted, should be included in the formulation of the plan. Minimum Elements to be considered: · Management and employee security responsibilities; · Communications within the company and with relevant governmental authorities; · Facility access (personnel, goods and equipment); · Restricted area(s), if applicable; · Security training and drills; · Assessment of security drills and exercises; · Handling security sensitive related information (SSI) and security related communications; · Audits and inspections;

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