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API RP 75-2004 pdf free download

API RP 75-2004 pdf free download.Recommended Practice for Development of a Safety and Environmental Management Program for Offshore Operations and Facilities.
5.1 GENERAL The management program should include requirements for written facility operating procedures designed to enhance efficient, safe, and environmentally sound operations. Within a given company the designs of several offshore facilities may differ only in the size and/or number of equipment items present. Consequently, standard operating procedures may apply to multiple facilities. By their very nature, operating procedures directly address human factors issues associated with the interaction between facilities and personnel. The human factors associated with format, content, and intended use should be considered to minimize the likelihood of proce- dural error. 5.2 CONTENT OF OPERATING PROCEDURES Written procedures should include the following: a. The job title and reporting relationship of the person or persons responsible for each of the facility’s operating areas. b. Instructions for the sound operation of each facility that are consistent with the safety and environmental information including, as appropriate: startup, normal operations, tempo- rary operations, simultaneous operations, emergency shutdown and isolation, and normal shutdown. 1. Refer to API RP 14J, Recommended Practice for Design and Hazards Analysis for Offshore Production Facilities (latest edition), for information on startup, nor- mal operations, and shutdown of production facilities. 2. Refer to the MODU Operations Manual developed in conformance with flag State requirements and/or the IMO MODU Code for information on routine operations and operating limits on mobile offshore drilling units. c. The operating limits resulting from the information speci- fied in Section 2 and, where safety and environmental considerations are present, a description of the following: 1. The safety and environmental consequences of devia- tion outside the operating limit envelop. 6.1 GENERAL The management program should establish and implement safe work practices. These practices should be designed to minimize the risks associated with operating, maintenance, and modification activities and the handling of materials and substances that could affect safety or the environment. Human factors should be considered in the development of safe work practices. These safe work practices will normally apply to multiple locations and will normally be in written form (safety manual, safety standards, work rules, etc.). For some locations, site-specific work practices may be appropri- ate. The program should provide guidelines for selection and performance evaluation of contractors. API RP 76, Improv- ing Owner and Contractor Safety Performance, may be help- ful in developing guidelines for contractor selection. Contractors should have their own written safe work prac- tices. Contractors may adopt appropriate sections of the oper- ator’s safety and environmental management program. Regardless, an operator and contractor should agree on appropriate contractor’s safety and environmental policies and practices before the contractor begins work at the opera- tor’s facilities. As an example, for routine contractor services, agreement could be reached at the operator’s on-site safety meeting. For non-routine and complex contractor services a more rigorous operator’s review of the contractor’s safety and environmental policies and practices may be warranted. Additionally, where a contractor works at several operator’s facilities, a single safety and environmental policies and prac- tices review by that operator may be acceptable instead of a review at each facility where the contractor performs work. 6.2 SAFE CONDUCT OF WORK ACTIVITIES Safe work practices for all personnel, including contrac- tors, should provide for the safe conduct of operating, mainte- nance, and modification activities, including simultaneous operations. Specifically, safe work practices should cover:6.3 CONTROL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Materials specifications, inventories, separation, confine- ment, and handling of toxic or hazardous materials that can affect safety and environmental protection should be deter- mined, documented, and communicated to appropriate per- sonnel. 6.4 CONTRACTOR SELECTION When selecting contractors, operators should obtain and evaluate information regarding a contractor’s safety and envi- ronmental management policies and practices, and perfor- mance thereunder, and the contractor’s procedures for selecting subcontractors. API RP 76 is a useful reference for selecting contractors. The operator should communicate their safety and environ- mental management system expectations to contractors and identify any specific safety or environmental management requirements they have for contractors.

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