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API RP 80-2020 pdf free download

API RP 80-2020 pdf free download.Defnition of Onshore Gas Gathering Lines.
1 Scope This industry standard provides a functional description of onshore natural gas gathering pipelines for the sole purpose of providing users with a practical guide for determining the application of gas gathering in the federal Gas Pipeline Safety Standards, 49 CFR Part 192, and state programs implementing these standards. Because of the regional and operational diversity within the natural gas industry, additional guidance is necessary to ensure appropriate and consistent application of the gas gathering line defnition. This document does not apply to transportation-related underground gas storage facilities. 2 Normative References There are no normative references in this document. 3 Terms, Defnitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations 3.1 Terms and Defnitions For the purposes of this document, the following defnitions apply. 3.1.1 commingle To combine the hydrocarbon streams from two or more wells, units, felds, production zones, or production facilities through a series of pipelines for processing, treatment, and/or delivery to an end user or another pipeline. 3.1.2 extraction and recovery Operations used to move liquid and/or gas products from an underground reservoir to the surface. 3.1.3 gathering line gas treatment facility One or a series of gas treatment operations on a gathering line operated for the purpose of removing impurities. 3.1.4 lifting Refers to mechanical and other means used to move liquid and/or products from the producing interval in the well to the surface. 3.1.5 measurement The process of gauging or determining the quantity of hydrocarbons. 3.1.6 natural gas processing plant A natural gas processing operation, other than production processing, operated for the purpose of commercially extracting one or more components, such as natural gas liquids, carbon dioxide, sulfur, or helium from the gas stream. Gas processing plants are not transportation facilities.
4.2 Defnition of Onshore Gathering Line A “gathering line” is defned as any pipeline or part of a connected series of pipelines used to: — transport gas from the furthermost downstream point in a production operation to the furthermost downstream of the following end points, which physically may have intermediate deliveries that are not necessarily part of the gathering line: 1) the inlet of the frst downstream natural gas processing plant, other than a natural gas processing plant located on a transmission line, unless the operator can demonstrate, using sound engineering principles, that gathering extends to a further downstream plant (see Figure 1); 2) the outlet of the furthermost downstream gathering line gas treatment facility; 3) the furthermost downstream point where gas produced in the same production feld or separate production felds not more than 50 miles from each other, is commingled, unless the authorities having jurisdiction permit a longer separation distance; 4) the outlet of the furthermost downstream compressor station used to increase gathering line pressure for delivery to another pipeline; or 5) the connection of an incidental gathering line to another pipeline downstream of: a) the furthermost downstream end point identifed in (1), (2), (3), or (4) of this Section, or in the absence of such end point, the furthermost downstream production operation; — transport gas from a point other than in a production operation exclusively to points in or adjacent to one or more production operations or gathering facility sites for use as fuel, gas lift, or gas injection operations within those operations; Gathering does not include a natural gas processing plant. A pipeline constructed after the publication date of this RP may not be considered an incidental gathering line if the pipeline exceeds 20 miles in length. Representative applications of the gathering line defnition are shown and discussed in Section 5.In determining where a gathering line ends, two important concepts are considered—the concepts of “function” and “furthermost downstream.”

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