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API RP 97L-2020 pdf free download

API RP 97L-2020 pdf free download.Onshore Well Construction Interface Document.
2 Normative References There are no normative references in this document. 3? Terms,? Defnitions,? Acronyms,? and? Abbreviations 3.1? Terms? and? Defnitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and defnitions apply. 3.1.1 barrier Component or practice that contributes to total system reliability by preventing formation fuid or gas fow. NOTE See API 96 and API 65–2 for additional information on barriers. 3.1.2 barrier? plan The operator’s specifc operating procedure for barrier placement, verifcation, and removal. 3.1.3 drilling contractor The company under contract with the lease operator to provide a rig and associated rig personnel, needed to perform the well construction activities. NOTE In some instances, the rig may be provided by the lease operator; however, it is normally operated by a drilling contractor. 3.1.4 hazard A source of potential harm. NOTE Harm includes ill health and injury; damage to property, equipment, products, or the environment; production losses, or increased liabilities. 3.1.5 hazard? analysis The application of one or more methodologies that aid in identifying and evaluating hazards. 3.1.6 lease operator The individual, partnership, frm, or corporation having control or management of operations on the leased area or a portion thereof. The lease operator may be a lessee, designated agent of the lessee(s), or holder of operating rights under an approved operating agreement. 3.1.7 management of change MOC A change control process that is implemented to safely manage variation in people, organization, practices, procedure, equipment, operations, or materials in the approved plan or guideline.
3.1.8 mitigation To establish measures that limit the negative impact of undesirable events. 3.1.9 offce-based? personnel Personnel who are organized and responsible to support rig operations but whose primary job location is not at the wellsite. 3.1.10 prevention To establish measures that eliminate/reduce the probability of occurrence of undesired events. 3.1.11 rig-specifc? operating? guidelines Operating manuals and procedures that comprise part of the drilling contractor’s SEMS. NOTE This can include equipment constraints (e.g. hook load), operating limits (e.g. combined loading) and well control practices (e.g. authority to shut-in the well). 3.1.12 risk Efect of uncertainty on objectives. NOTE 1 An efect is a deviation from the expected—positive, negative, or both, and can address, create, or result in opportunities and threats. NOTE 2 Objectives can have diferent aspects and categories, and can apply at diferent levels. NOTE 3 Risk is usually expressed in terms of risk resources, potential events, their consequences, and their likelihood. [SOURCE: ISO 31000:2018] 3.1.13 risk management Coordinated activities to direct and control an organization with regard to risk. 3.1.14 safety? and? environmental? management? system SEMS Structured set of interdependent doctrines, documents, and principles that are intended to ensure that the activities of an organization are directed, planned, and conducted safely as described in API 75L. 3.1.15 safety-critical An operational activity, if performed incorrectly due to lack of technical skills or knowledge, or due to behavior attributes, that can lead to a major accident hazard. 3.1.16 simultaneous operations SIMOPS Two or more independent operations (such as drilling, workover wireline, construction, production operations, etc.) conducted under common operational control in which the activities of any one operation may impact the safety of personnel, equipment, and/or the environment of the other(s).
3.1.17 stop? work? authority SWA A program that provides all operator and contractor/service personnel, directly or indirectly involved, with the operation, the responsibility, and authority to cease work until a review of the activity can be concluded and it has been found safe to resume such activity. 3.1.18 third-party? services Essential services other than those provided by the lease operator or drilling contractor that are required to execute well construction. 3.1.19 well construction A set of operations to be directed by the lease operator employing the drilling contractor and third-party services equipment and personnel. 3.1.20 well construction interface document WCID Bridging document between the lease operator’s and drilling contractor’s SEMS. 3.1.21 well construction interface document well plan WCID well plan Summary of the well plan from lease operator to drilling contractor. 3.1.22 well plan Summary of the well plan for a single or multiple similar wells from lease operator to drilling contractor.

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