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API SPEC 15HR-2001 pdf free download

API SPEC 15HR-2001 pdf free download.Specification for High Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe.
2.3 EQUIVALENT STANDARDS Other nationally or internationally recognized standards shall be submitted to and approved by API for inclusion in this specification prior to use as equivalent standards. 3 Glossary (Definitions, Abbreviations) 3.1 DEFINITIONS 3.1.1 acceptance criteria: Defined limits placed on characteristics of materials, products, or services. 3.1.2 adapters: Appurtenances that allow connecting components with different joining systems. 3.1.3 component: Any high pressure line pipe, pipe con- nection, fitting, flange, adapter, reducer, or end of outlet con- nections covered by this specification. 3.1.4 date of manufacture: Date of cure. 3.1.5 fiberglass: A generic term for glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resins. 3.1.6 fittings: Tees, 90s and 45s. 3.1.7 flanges: Face flanges with bolt circle and face dimensions per ANSI B16.5. 3.1.8 may: Used to indicate that a provision is optional within this specification. 3.1.9 pi tape: A tape used to measure circumference. 3.1.10 prime connection: The manufacturer’s standard joining system for straight pipe. 3.1.11 records: Retrievable information. 3.1.12 reducers: Components that allow pipes of differ- ent sizes to be connected. 3.1.13 serialization: Assignment of a unique code to each individual component to maintain traceability. 3.1.14 shall: Used to indicate that a provision is manda- tory within this specification.
3.2 ABBREVIATIONS ANSI American National Standards Institute API American Petroleum Institute ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry LCL 95% Lower Confidence Limit LTHS Long-Term Hydrostatic Strength 4 Purchasing Guidelines 4.1 GENERAL This section provides recommended guidelines for inquiry and purchase of Specification 15HR pipe or component. These guidelines consist of data sheets to be completed by the purchaser. 4.1.1 Data Sheet The data sheet is designed to perform two functions: a. Assist the purchaser in the procurement of the proper pipe or component. b. Assist the purchaser in communicating his particular needs and requirements, as well as information on the envi- ronment, to the manufacturer for his use in designing and producing pipe or component. 4.1.2 Use A copy of the data sheet should be completed as accurately as possible. A copy of the data sheet should then be attached to the purchase order or request for proposal. Appendix H provides a format to document service condi- tions and requirements for ordering high pressure fiberglass components. 4.2 PRESSURE RATINGS It is recommended that the pipe be purchased by pres- sure rating. The API Standard Pressure Ratings are from 500 lbf/in. 2 gauge through 5,000 lbf/in. 2 gauge in 250 lbf/ in. 2 gauge increments. The user should purchase pipe suit- able for the specific service conditions. 4.3 COMPONENTS Components, other than pipe, should be ordered on the basis of thread size and pressure rating.
If only one regression test as defined above is conducted, the Specification 15HR Standard Pressure Rating shall be based on that test and shall be valid up to and including the test temperature. Additional regression tests as defined above may be conducted. If additional regression tests as defined above are conducted the following rules apply. 1. Pressure ratings at temperatures between the test tem- peratures shall be based on a linear interpolation between closest two temperatures at which tests have been con- ducted. No extrapolation beyond the temperatures at which data is available is allowed. The pressure rating below the lowest temperature at which data is available shall be based on the lowest temperature at which data is available. 2. The Specification 15HR Standard Pressure Rating shall be at 150°F. This rating shall be based on data at 150°F if available, otherwise, this rating shall be interpo- lated from data above and below 150°F. 3. The proof test pressure shall be based on the Specifica- tion 15HR Standard Pressure Rating. 5.1.2 Fittings a. Test the highest anticipated pressure class in the four inch size and its pipe and prime connection. b. Test temperature, 150°F or higher. c. Pressure test 6 fittings of each type (90° elbow, 45° elbow, tee). At the manufacturer’s option; the 90° may be used to qualify all elbows and couplings. d. Each fitting shall be joined to pipe using the manufac- turer’s documented makeup procedure. Thread dimensions and DSC T g (per Appendix C) shall be recorded for each fitting.

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