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API SPEC 5CT-2016 pdf free download

API SPEC 5CT-2016 pdf free download.Specification for Casing and Tubing.
Page 82, Section A.10.2.5, 1 st sentence, revise to read: At the manufacturer’s option, alternative-size impact test specimens, listed in Table C.55 (SR16.3) or Table E.55 (SR16.3), may be used in lieu of the minimum size specified in the tables referenced in A.10.2.2 (SR16.2.2). Page 84, Section A.10.6.3, 3 rd paragraph, revise to read: The test temperature shall be reduced as specified in A.10.6.5 SR16.6.5 for Grades H40, J55 and K55 when subsize test specimens are required. Page 85, Section A.10.6.7, last sentence, revise to read: The impact energy of each of the re-test specimens shall equal or exceed the specified minimum absorbed energy requirement or the product shall be rejected. Page 85, Section A.10.6.8, 2 nd sentence, revise to read: If all the additional products tested conform to the requirements, then the lot shall be qualified except for the product that was initially rejected. Page 88, Section A.13.1, 1 st sentence, revise to read: For each lot, as defined in 10.2, manufacturers shall carry out an ANSI-NACE TM0177:2005 Method D test with the test solution specified in A.13.3 SR39.3. Page 91, Section B.2, 1 st and 2 nd sentences, revise to read: The inspector representing the purchaser shall have unrestricted access, at all times while work on the contract of the purchaser is being performed, to all parts of the manufacturer’s works which will concern the manufacturer of the products ordered. The manufacturer shall afford the inspector all reasonable facilities to satisfy the inspector that the product is being manufactured in accordance with this Standard.
4.1.7 controlled cooling cooling from an elevated temperature in a pre-determined manner to avoid hardening, cracking or internal damage, or to produce a desired microstructure or mechanical properties 4.1.8 coupling internally threaded cylinder for joining two lengths of threaded pipe 4.1.9 coupling blank unthreaded material used to produce an individual coupling 4.1.10 coupling material thick-walled seamless tube used to manufacture coupling blanks NOTE The main difference between coupling material and coupling stock is that coupling material has no mandatory NDE inspection requirements (see 10.15). See Clause 9 for mandatory NDE requirements for finished couplings. 4.1.11 coupling stock coupling material that meets the coupling stock requirements 4.1.12 defect imperfection of sufficient magnitude to warrant rejection of the product based on criteria defined in this Standard 4.1.13 electric-welded pipe pipe having one longitudinal seam formed by electric-resistance or electric-induction welding, without the addition of filler metal, wherein the edges to be welded are mechanically pressed together and the heat for welding is generated by the resistance to flow of electric current 4.1.14 full-body complete cross-section of the product 4.1.15 full-length complete length of the product (end-to-end) 4.1.16 handling tight sufficiently tight that the coupling cannot be removed except by the use of a wrench
6 Process of manufacture 6.1 General The product furnished to this Standard shall be made to a fine-grain practice. Steel made to a fine-grain practice contains one or more grain-refining elements, such as aluminium, niobium (columbium), vanadium or titanium in amounts intended to result in the steel having a fine austenitic grain size. Pipe furnished to this Standard shall be made by the seamless or electric-weld process as shown in Table C.3 or Table E.3 and as specified on the purchase agreement. Pup joints shall be made from the materials listed in 4.1.37. Material for couplings, coupling stock and coupling material shall be manufactured by the seamless process. Cold-drawn tubular products without appropriate heat treatment are not acceptable. Accessory material for casing and tubing shall be seamless unless otherwise specified on the purchase agreement. Electric-welded Grade P110 pipe and Grade Q125 casing shall be provided only when the supplementary requirement in A.6 SR11 is specified on the purchase agreement. Grade C110 product shall not be upset unless agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer. Grade Q125 upset casing shall be provided only when the supplementary requirement in A.5 SR10 is specified on the purchase agreement.

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