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API Spec 5D-2001 pdf free download

API Spec 5D-2001 pdf free download.Specification for Drill Pipe.
1.3 TESTING EQUIPMENT If test equipment, whose calibration or veribcation is required under the provisions of the specipcation, is subjected to unusual or severe conditions such as would make its accu- racy questionable, recalibration or reveriPcation shall be per- formed before further use of the equipment. 1.4 SPECIAL PROCESSES Special Processes are the bnal operations which are per- formed during pipe manufacturing that affect attribute compli- ance required in this document (except chemistry and dimensions). The applicable special processes are heat treat- ment, nondestructive testing, and, if applicable, cold Pnishing. 1.5 CERTIFICATION 1.5.1 The manufacturer shall, upon request by the pur- chaser, furmish to the purchaser a certipcate of compliance stating that the material has been manufactured, sampled, tested, and inspected in accordance with this specipcation and has been found to meet the requirements 1.5.2 A Material Test Report, Certibcate of Compliance, or similar document printed from or used in electronic form from an electronic data interchange (EDI) transmission shall be regarded as having the same validity as a counterpart printed in the certiPerOs facility. The content of the EDI trans- mitted document must meet the requirements of this specip- cation and conform to any existing EDI agreement between the purchaser and the supplier. 1.5.3 Where additional information is required, including the results of mechanical testing, SR 15 shall be speciPed in the purchaser order.
5.2 HEAT ANALYSES When requested by the purchaser, the manufacturer shall furmish a report giving the heat analysis of each heat of steel used in the manufacture of pipe furmnished on the purchase order. In addition, upon request the purchaser shall be fur- nished the results of quantitative analyses of other elements, in addition to phosphorus and sulfur, normally used by the manufacturer to control mechanical properties. 5.3 PRODUCT ANALYSES Product analyses of each heat used shall be made on pipe. The results of the product analyses shall be available to the purchaser on request. Product analyses shall include the results of quantitative determinations of phosphorus and sul- fur and, in addition, all other elements normally used by the manufacturer to control mechanical properties. Two samples shall be analyzed for product analyses. 5.4 RECHECK PRODUCT ANALYSES- ALL GROUPS If the product analyses of both lengths of pipe representing the heat fail to conform to the specibed requirements, at the manufacturerOs option, either the heat shall stand rejected or all the remaining lengths in the heat shall be tested individually for conformance to the speciped requirements. If only one of two samples fails, at the manufacturerOs option either the heat shall stand rejected or two recheck analyses shall be made on two additional lengths from the same heat. If both recheck analyses conform to the requirements, the heat shall be accepted, except for the length represented by the initial analyses, which failed.
6 Mechanical Properties Requirements 6.1 TENSILE PROPERTIES 6.1.1 Pipe furnished to this speciPcation shall conform to the tensile requirements speciPed in Table 4 for the particular grade ordered. When elongation is recorded or reported, the record or report shall show the nominal width of the test spec- imen when strip specimens are used; the diameter and gauge length when round bar specimens are used; or state when full section specimens are used. The tensile properties, except elongation, of the upset ends shall comply with the require- ments given for the pipe body. In case of dispute, the proper- ties (except elongation) of the upset shall be determined from a tensile test specimen cut from the upset. 6.1.2 See the equation in Table 4 for determination of the minimum elongation and Table 5 for minimum elongation values for various size tensile specimens and grades.

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