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API Spec 5ST-2010 pdf free download

API Spec 5ST-2010 pdf free download.Specification for Coiled Tubing U.S. Customary and SI Units.
1 Scope This specification covers the manufacturing, inspection, and testing of all carbon and low alloy steel coiled tubing in Grades CT70, CT80, CT90, CT1 00 and CT1 1 0, in the designations and wall thicknesses given in Table A.5, that can be used as work strings, completion strings, and static installations in oil and gas wells. Coiled tubing may be ordered to this specification. Coiled tubing is manufactured using the continuously milled process. This specification does not cover the joining of seamless or welded tubing segments in lengths less than 200 ft (61 m). Tubing of a higher grade is not be substituted for tubing ordered as a lower grade without purchaser approval. In the dimensional tables herein, coiled tubing is designated by outside diameter, expressed to the thousandth of an inch (0.1 mm), with OD sizes ranging from 0.750 in. (1 9.1 mm) through 3 1 / 2 in. (88.9 mm). Both U.S. Customary units and SI units are shown in this document. Annex H covers specific information about conversion factors and rounding procedures. The suitability of the coiled tubular products made to this specification for use in environments containing hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) is outside of the scope of this document. It is the responsibility of the purchaser (and/or the user) of coiled tubing to determine the level of resistance to sour service damage mechanisms such as sulfide stress cracking necessary for the end use of the tubing. 2 References The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. Requirements of other standards included by reference in this specification are essential to the safety and interchangeability of the equipment produced.
3.21 manufacturer A firm, company, or corporation responsible for making and marking the product in accordance with this specification. The manufacturer is responsible for compliance with all of the applicable provisions of this specification. 3.22 master coil The original wide coil of steel that is supplied by the steel manufacturer and is subsequently slit into several narrower coils of skelp of the appropriate width for the manufacture of coiled tubing. 3.23 mill stop An interruption in the normal production of the seam welding of a string. 3.24 milled length A single length of coiled tubing created during continuous operation of a mill. NOTE A milled length can include tubing manufactured from a number of coils of skelp. The lengths of skelp can have a single specified wall thickness, or can have various specified wall thicknesses. A milled length does not include tube-to-tube welds. 3.25 normalize A heat treatment of steel whereby the steel is heated to a temperature above the upper critical temperature to achieve transformation to austenite then allowed to cool in air to a temperature substantially below the lower critical temperature. 3.26 ovality Defined herein as 2(D max – D min )/(D max + D min ) where D max and D min are the measured diameters at a specific location along the tubing, and may be expressed as a percentage. 3.27 processes requiring validation Certain operations performed during skelp joining and tube manufacturing that affect attribute compliance required in this document (except chemistry and dimensions) shall have their processes validated.
3.28 product analysis A chemical analysis taken from master coils, skelp, or finished tubular product. 3.29 reference end The end of the coiled tubing that is intended to be connected to the service reel. This end is used in reporting measured footage for the location of the skelp-end and tube-to-tube welds within the coiled tubing string. 3.30 service reel A cylindrical-shaped core drum, typically fabricated from steel and bounded by parallel flanges mounted transverse to the core, for use in storing and transporting coiled tubular products. NOTE The service reel is usually equipped with a self-contained hydraulic drive system to control rotation of the reel, an onboard hydraulic levelwind apparatus, and onboard high-pressure piping which connects to the coiled tubing through a high pressure rotating swivel. The diameters of the cylindrical core and boundary flanges will vary relative to the tube diameter and length to be spooled onto the reel.

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