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API SPEC 9A-2004 pdf free download

API SPEC 9A-2004 pdf free download.Steel wire ropes for the petroleum and natural gas industries—Minimum requirements and terms for acceptance.
The fibre cores for single-layer stranded ropes larger than 8 mm diameter shall be doubly closed (i.e. from yarn into strand and from strand into rope). Natural fibre cores shall be treated with an impregnating compound to inhibit rotting and decay. Steel cores shall be either an independent wire rope (IWRC) or wire strand (WSC). Steel cores of single-layer stranded ropes larger than 12 mm diameter shall be an independent wire rope (IWRC), unless specified otherwise. 4.1.3 Lubricant Lubricants shall conform to ISO 4346. 4.2 Rope manufacture 4.2.1 General In stranded ropes, all the wire layers in a strand shall have the same direction of lay. The lay lengths of corresponding wire layers in strands of the same size, construction and strand layer shall be uniform. The core of a stranded rope, except for compacted (swaged) ropes, shall be designed (steel) or selected (fibre) so that in a new rope under no load there is clearance between outer strands. The rope ends shall be secured such that they are prevented from unlaying 4.2.2 Wire joints Diameters shall be continuous, but, for wires other than well-measuring wires, if joints are necessary in wires over 0,4 mm they shall have their ends joined by brazing or welding. For stranded ropes, the minimum distance between joints within one strand shall be 18 × rope diameter (d). For spiral ropes, the minimum distance between joints in any wire layer shall be 36 × diameter of the wire layer. Wires up to and including 0,4 mm may be joined by twisting or by ends being simply inserted into the strands’ formation.
4.2.3 Preformation and postformation Stranded ropes shall be preformed or postformed or both, unless specified otherwise by the purchaser. NOTE Some parallel-closed ropes and rotation-resistant ropes may be non-preformed. 4.2.4 Construction The rope construction shall be either one of those covered in Annex G or as stated by the manufacturer. The constructions of compacted strand ropes, compacted (swaged) ropes, large diameter (i.e. over 60 mm) stranded ropes and spiral ropes (i.e. spiral strand and full-locked coil) shall be stated by the manufacturer. Where only the rope class is specified by the purchaser, the construction supplied shall be stated by the manufacturer. For well-servicing strand, the construction shall be either 1 × 16M or 1 × 19M or as stated by the manufacturer.
.2.5 Rope grade The rope grades for the more common classes and sizes of stranded ropes shall be as given in Annex G. Intermediate grades may be supplied by agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer or supplier. NOTE Not all ropes (e.g. large diameter stranded ropes and spiral ropes) will necessarily have a nominated rope grade. 4.2.6 Wire finish The finish of the wires shall be uncoated (bright), zinc-coated class B or zinc-coated class A. For ropes of bright wire finish, substitution of bright wires by zinc-coated wires shall be limited to inner wires, centre wires, filler wires and core wires. For ropes of zinc-coated wire finish, all of the wires shall be zinc-coated, including those of any steel core. Where zinc-coated is specified, this may also include zinc alloy Zn95/Al5. 4.2.7 Direction and type of rope lay The direction and type of rope lay for stranded ropes shall be one of the following: a) right ordinary lay (sZ) 3) ; b) left ordinary lay (zS) 4) ; c) right lang lay (zZ) 5) ; d) left lang lay (sS) 6) ; e) right alternate lay (aZ) 7) ; f) left alternate lay (aS) 8) . Well-servicing strand shall be left lay (S). Spiral ropes (i.e. spiral strand and full locked coil) shall be either right (Z) or left lay (S). The direction and type of rope lay should be specified by the purchaser. 4.2.8 Designation and classification For the purposes of this International Standard, the designation and classification systems according to ISO 17893 shall apply.

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