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API SPEC Q2-2021 pdf free download

API SPEC Q2-2021 pdf free download.Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries.
This specifcation has been developed to address the development and implementation of quality management systems for service supply organizations working in the upstream petroleum and natural gas industries. This specifcation defnes the fundamental requirements of quality management systems for those service supply organizations claiming conformity to this specifcation. The requirements of this specifcation are consistent with those of other quality management system documents. This specifcation provides additional requirements that target the execution of services or provision of service-related products in the execution of the service. The requirements are structured in a way to minimize the likelihood of nonconformity during the execution of a service and/or provision of service-related product. While this specifcation may include some elements of other quality management systems (such as those particular to environmental management, occupational health and safety management, fnancial management, or risk management), it does not include all requirements specifc to those systems. This specifcation may be used either in conjunction with or independent of other industry-specifed documents. This specifcation can be used by internal and external parties, including certifcation bodies, to assess the organization’s ability to meet customer and legal requirements applicable to service execution and the organization’s own requirements. This specifcation promotes the integration of a process approach into the application of specifc requirements when developing, implementing, and improving the efectiveness of a quality management system, thereby providing continuous control over the stated requirements, as well as facilitating the overlap of processes. For a service supply organization to function efectively, it must determine and manage numerous linked activities.
1 Scope This specifcation defnes the quality management system (QMS) requirements for service supply organizations for the petroleum and natural gas industries. It is intended to apply to the execution of services for the petroleum and natural gas industry. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as well construction, intervention, production, and abandonment as well as repair/maintenance/confguration of service-related product. If an organization performs activities addressed by this specifcation, including the provision of service-related product (SRP) and outsourced activities, no claims to exclusion of those requirements are permitted. Where SRP is not required for the execution of the applicable service, the basis for claiming exclusions is to be identifed. Furthermore, such exclusions cannot afect the organization’s ability or responsibility to meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. Exclusions are limited to requirements within the following clauses: — 5.7.3 Identifcation and Traceability; — 5.7.4 SRP Status; — 5.7.6 Preservation of SRP; — 5.7.7 Validation of SRP; — 5.7.8 Preventive Maintenance, Inspection; and Test Process. — 5.8 Control of Testing, Measuring, Monitoring and Detection Equipment (TMMDE) Where claims of conformity are made, exclusions will be identifed in conjunction with these claims. Information marked “NOTE” are not requirements but are for guidance in understanding or clarifying the associated requirement.
3.1.3 calibration The comparison to a standard of known accuracy or comparison of results against testing, measuring, monitoring, and detection equipment (TMMDE), and making any needed adjustments. NOTE Calibration of non-adjustable equipment can be referred to as “verifcation.” 3.1.4 collection The process of obtaining, assembling, and/or organizing applicable documented information with the intent of meeting the requirements for control of records (see 4.5). 3.1.5 compliance The act or process of satisfying the legal and other applicable requirements of a regulation or regulatory body. 3.1.6 critical spare part A spare part whose individual failure would cause the inability of a critical service-related product to perform its designated function. 3.1.7 critical service-related product critical SRP An SRP whose failure is likely to cause non-productive time (NPT), failure to provide required service deliverables, release of hydrocarbons, or serious injury or fatality (SIF). 3.1.8 critical service A service whose failure to be executed successfully is likely to cause non-productive time (NPT), failure to provide required service deliverables, release of hydrocarbons, or serious injury or fatality (SIF).

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