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API St 20M-2017 pdf free download

API St 20M-2017 pdf free download.Qualification of Suppliers of Machining Services for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries.
3 Terms, Definitions, and Abbreviations For purposes of this standard, the terms and definitions given in API Spec. Q1 and the following shall apply. 3.1 Terms and Definitions 3.1.1 acceptance criteria Specified limits of acceptability applied to process or product characteristics. 3.1.2 broker An organization that acts as an intermediary between two or more parties for machining services. 3.1.3 calibration status A physical status indicator attached to or identified with the measurement or monitoring device indicating its current status of calibration. 3.1.4 coating Application of a material to surfaces of a component where resulting conformance determination requires more than visual inspection. NOTE Coating does not include painting for cosmetic purposes. 3.1.5 competence The ability to apply knowledge and skills to achieve intended results. 3.1.6 conformity Fulfillment of a requirement. 3.1.7 heat treatment Specified, timed sequence of controlled heating and cooling of materials for the purpose of changing physical or mechanical properties. 3.1.8 machining services A controlled material-removal process, such as cutting, electric discharge machining, electrochemical machining, grinding, honing, milling, turning, threading, and drilling. 3.1.9 on-site The machining services supplier’s facility.
3.1.10 plating Application of a material by chemical or electrochemical processes to surfaces of a component where resulting conformance determination requires more than visual inspection. 3.1.11 qualification (verb) A process to demonstrate the ability to fulfill specified requirements. 3.1.12 receiving verification The process of ensuring the product received meets requirements. 3.1.13 record A document stating results achieved or providing evidence of activities performed. 3.1.14 remote technical assessment A technical assessment of capabilities performed using a method other than on-site audit. NOTE This includes but is not limited to a checklist or a survey. 3.1.15 rework The use of machining services to restore the product to specification requirements. 3.1.16 self-certified Demonstration by a person or supplier of machining services that specified requirements are fulfilled. 3.1.17 support service Services, internal or external, that could directly impact product quality or the final product. NOTE Examples of support services are machining, programming, inspection, and packaging. 3.1.18 technical audit An audit that evaluates requirements of specifications and/or specified requirements against a machining services supplier’s practices and/or capabilities. 3.1.19 traceability The ability to verify the history and delivery location of an item by means of documented record identification.
4 Machining Services Supplier Qualification 4.1 Minimum Requirements Facilities and Equipment 4.1.1 In order to conform to this standard, the machining services supplier shall have the following on-site facilities at a minimum: — building or enclosure; — machining services; — handling and lifting equipment appropriate for the machining service; and — inspection equipment adequate for the characteristics being inspected. Activities 4.1.2 The machining services supplier’s facility shall have the on-site equipment and personnel to perform the following required activities: a) receiving verification; b) machining; c) marking; and d) final inspection. 4.2 Machining Quality Levels (MQL) General 4.2.1 Three machining services supplier quality levels—MQL 1, MQL 2 and MQL 3—are defined in this standard. Table 1 provides a reference of the requirements from this standard that a machining services supplier shall meet for the corresponding MQL. MQL 1 Machining Services Supplier 4.2.2 The base level of qualification to ensure that the machining service provided meets specific customer and industry requirements is MQL 1. A MQL 1 machining services supplier, at a minimum, shall have a self- certified quality management system. The MQL 1 machining services supplier shall determine the processes needed for the management of machining services. A MQL 1 machining services supplier shall supply the machining services defined in 3.1.8. The MQL 1 machining services supplier shall conform to the QMS elements identified in Section 5.

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