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API Std 20G-2020 pdf free download

API Std 20G-2020 pdf free download.Welding Services for Equipment Used in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.
3? Terms,? Defnitions,? Acronyms,? and? Abbreviations 3.1? Terms? and? Defnitions For purposes of this standard, the following terms, defnitions, and acronyms apply. 3.1.1 acceptance criteria Defned limits placed on characteristics of materials, processes, products, or services. 3.1.2 calibration Comparison and adjustments of an instrument using an appropriate reference standard, to obtain or establish a known and reproducible response. This is usually performed prior to an examination; however, it can be performed any time there is concern about the examination or instrument response. 3.1.3 familiarity The state of being familiar with something; possessing a basic understanding of a topic but not being experienced, practiced, or skilled in a topic. 3.1.4 knowledge Information, understanding, or skill gained from experience or education; greater understanding than familiarity, but not equivalent to a subject-matter expert (SME). 3.1.5 nondestructive examination NDE A method used to check the soundness of a material or part without impairing or destroying the usability of the part. 3.1.6 procedure? qualifcation? record PQR A record of welding variables used to produce an acceptable test weldment and the results of tests conducted on the weldment to qualify a WPS. 3.1.7 router A process control document that details the steps required to complete required tasks.
3.1.8 subject-matter expert SME A person who, by possession of a recognized degree or professional standing or who, by extensive knowledge, training, and experience, has successfully demonstrated the ability to solve or resolve problems relating to specifc subject matter. 3.1.9 traceability The ability to verify the history, location, or application of an item by means of documented recorded identifcation. 3.1.10 welding? procedure? specifcation WPS A document providing the required welding variables for a specifc application to ensure repeatability by properly trained welders and welding operators. 3.1.11 welding services supplier WSS An organization that provides services for welding of materials and equipment used in the petroleum and natural gas industry.
4.2 Facilities and Equipment To conform to this standard, the WSS shall have the following capabilities: — equipment to perform required welding activities; — a facility to store required equipment and to maintain required documents and retain records; — appropriate handling and lifting equipment (as applicable); and — inspection and test equipment (as applicable). 4.3 Welding Services Supplier Quality Management System (QMS) The WSS shall establish, document, implement, and maintain a QMS and associated processes. The QMS shall be in conformance with this standard and API Specifcation Q1 or ISO 9001. The WSS shall determine the processes needed for the quality management system and their application through all operations. The WSS shall defne the audit requirements for processes covered by this standard, including welding, weld NDE, and post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) to ensure that these processes achieve planned results. Internal audits shall be performed at least every 12 months, covering all on-site areas and shifts. 4.4 Technical Review Requirements The WSS shall maintain procedure(s) to ensure that technical requirements are reviewed prior to acceptance of the order. The WSS shall maintain records of this review, including: — applicable customer or governing design and construction specifcations/standards; — material specifcations; — acceptance criteria for welds; — qualifcation of welding procedures; — qualifcation of welding personnel; — outsourced services; — inspection and testing requirements, including third-party verifcation; — identifcation and traceability (see 7.4); — special welding requirements; — requirements for use of special methods. 5 Personnel Training and Competency Requirements Personnel shall be competent to carry out assigned tasks/responsibilities based on the appropriate education, training, skills, and experience needed to meet product and customer requirements. A written procedure shall defne personnel competency and identify training and qualifcation

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