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API Std 599-2020 pdf free download

API Std 599-2020 pdf free download.Metal Plug Valves—Flanged, Threaded, and Welding Ends.
5.4.6 Sealing for lubricated taper plug valves shall be a metal-to-metal seated design. 5.5 Glands 5.5.1 Adjustable glands or gland followers may be a threaded type, a bolted one-piece type, or a bolted two- piece, self-aligning type. 5.5.2 Packing glands that are threaded into bodies or covers or onto stems shall not be used for valve sizes greater than DN 100 (NPS 4) unless otherwise specifed by purchase order. 5.5.3 The gland shall be of a design that allows entry into the stufng box while minimizing the potential for extrusion when compressing the packing rings. 5.6 Bolting 5.6.1 Covers shall be bolted with studs, stud bolts, or cap screws. Studs and stud bolts shall be equipped with heavy hex nuts that conform to ASME B18.2.2 or ASME B18.2.6 and sizing in accordance with ASME B16.34 or ASME BPVC Section VIII, Division 1, Appendix 2. 5.6.2 Bonnet/cover/gland bolting with diameters 25 mm (1 in.) and smaller shall have coarse (UNC) threads or the most nearly corresponding metric thread. Bolting with diameters larger than 25 mm (1 in.) shall be 8-thread series (8 UN) or the most nearly corresponding metric threads. Bolt threads shall be Class 2A and nut threads shall be Class 2B, in accordance with ASME B1.1. When wrench-ft studs are furnished, the wrench-ft end of these studs and the threaded hole shall have threads in accordance with a Class 5 interference ft, as specifed in ASME B1.12. When metric bolting is used, metric bolt threads shall be tolerance Class 6g and nuts tolerance Class 6H in accordance with ASME B1.13M. 5.6.3 Through holes shall be used in the bonnet, cover fange, cover, adjuster, or gland. Open slots shall not be used. 5.6.4 Packing gland bolts shall be designed so that the bolt stress shall not exceed one third ( 1 / 3 ) of the minimum tensile stress of the bolt due to average packing compressive stress required to retain the maximum cold working pressure of the valve (CWP rating).
5.7.3 A spoked handwheel shall be furnished with each gear-operated valve; webbed or disked handwheels shall not be used. Spokes that extend beyond the wheel rim (tiller type) are permissible. 5.7.4 Gear mechanisms may be operated manually or by means of an electric motor or another similar power device. Keys or pins shall be used to secure gears or pinions to separate shafts. On power-operated valves, the gear assembly shall be suitably guarded. 5.7.5 When specifed in the purchase order, valves shall be furnished with a lockable device, not of the type that latch automatically, that accepts a purchaser-supplied lock that enables the valve to be locked in the open and closed positions. The lockable device shall be designed such that a lock with an 8 mm ( 5 / 16 in.) diameter shank, not more than 100 mm (4 in.) long, can be inserted directly through appropriate holes and locked. 5.7.6 Valves shall be provided with a suitable stop for the plug assembly in both the open and the closed position. The open or closed position of the plug in the body shall be shown by an indicator. Cast or integrally forged indicators shall be raised rather than recessed. If the position indicators are not integral with the plug, they shall be designed to prevent the plug and indicators from being assembled in any way other than with the indicator in its proper position with respect to the plug port. Stem wrench fats in line with the plug port are also a suitable integral position indicator. 5.7.7 The handle shall be mounted parallel to the fow passage through the plug if the valve is supplied with a lever-type handle. The handle design shall not permit incorrect assembly. 5.7.8 Valves shall be closed by rotating the closure device (lever or handwheel) in a clockwise direction. 5.7.9 Valves supplied with the capability of mounting actuators or gear operators shall be capable of doing so without removal of any pressure-containing parts

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