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API STD 660-2001 pdf free download

API STD 660-2001 pdf free download.Shell–and–Tube Heat Exchangers for General Refinery Services.
2.1 PURCHASER’S RESPONSIBILITIES The purchaser’s inquiry shall include the specification sheet or sheets, a checklist, if required, and other applicable information outlined in this standard (see Appendices A, B, and C). All necessary data for the design of a heat exchanger unit, including any special requirements or exceptions to this standard, shall be provided. 2.2 VENDOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES 2.2.1 The vendor’s proposal shall include, for each unit, a completed specification sheet (see Appendix C) or, when a specification sheet is included in the inquiry, a statement indi- cating complete compliance with that specification sheet. 2.2.2 Designs that are not fully defined by the nomencla- ture in TEMA Standards, Section 1 shall be accompanied by sketches that are sufficient to describe the details of construction. 2.2.3 Where distributor belts are provided, the vendor shall define the type of construction proposed.2.2.4 The Vendor shall determine the need for, and if required, include expansion joints based on all conditions supplied by the purchaser. The Vendor shall state the type of construction proposed. 2.2.5 The proposal shall include a detailed description of all exceptions to the requirements of the purchaser’s inquiry. 2.2.6 Unless otherwise specified, the vendor shall supply the complete heat exchanger unit including: a. Bolts, nuts and gaskets for the interconnecting nozzles of directly flanged stacked heat exchangers. b. Shims and bolting for interconnecting supports of heat exchangers. 2.2.7 Unless otherwise specified, the vendor shall provide quotation for the following separately for the purchaser’s consideration. a. Test component consisting of a test ring and gland, TEMA Standards, Figure E-4.13-2 or equivalent, for each heat exchanger or group of similar heat exchangers with floating heads. b. One spare set of gaskets per heat exchanger unit.
3.1 OUTLINE DRAWINGS 3.1.1 The vendor shall submit for review the number of copies of outline drawings specified by the purchaser for each heat exchanger unit. The drawings shall include the following information: a. The service, purchaser’s item number, project name and location, purchaser’s order number, vendor’s shop order num- ber, and other special identification numbers. b. Design pressure, test pressure, design temperature, mini- mum design metal temperature, and any restriction on testing or operation of the heat exchanger. c. Maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) in the corroded conditions and at design temperature for the shell side and tube side. d. Connection sizes, location, orientation, projection, direc- tion of flow, and, if flanged, the rating and facing. e. Coupling sizes, rating, and orientation. f. Dimensions, orientation and location of supports, includ- ing bolt holes and slots, and the stacking arrangement. g. Overall dimensions of the heat exchanger. h. Tube-bundle removal clearance. i. Weights of the heat exchanger, empty and full of water, and of the tube bundle.j. Specified corrosion allowance for each side of the heat exchanger. k. Reference to the applicable code and the purchaser’s pur- chase specification. l. Requirements for postweld heat treatment. m. Requirements for radiographic examination. n. Requirements for material impact testing. o. Surface preparation and painting. p. Gasket material. q. Insulation thickness on the shell side and tube side. r. Location of expansion joints, vapor distributors, and any other specialty components or closures. s. Location and orientation of nameplates, lifting lugs, grounding clips or other attachments. t. Location of the center of gravity of the heat exchanger. 3.1.2 Review of outline drawings by the purchaser shall not relieve the vendor of the responsibility of meeting the require- ments of the purchase order. 3.2 INFORMATION REQUIRED AFTER DRAWINGS ARE REVIEWED 3.2.1 Following the purchaser’s review of the outline draw- ings, the vendor shall furnish the certified outline drawings.

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