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API STD 672-2004 pdf free download

API STD 672-2004 pdf free download.Packaged, Integrally Geared Centrifugal Air Compressors for Petroleum, Chemical, and Gas Industry Services.
Users of this International Standard should be aware that further or differing requirements may be needed for individual appli- cations. This International Standard is not intended to inhibit a vendor from offering, or the purchaser from accepting alternative equipment or engineering solutions for the individual application. This may be particularly appropriate where there is innovative or developing technology. Where an alternative is offered, the vendor should identify any variations from this International Stan- dard and provide details. Annex A contains data sheets which purchasers are encouraged to use. Annex B provides information on normative references. Annex C specifies requirements for lateral analysis. Annex D contains forms which may be used to indicate vendor drawing and data requirements. Annex E contains schematic drawings of lubrication systems. Annex F specifies requirements for determining residual unbalance. Annex G contains an inspector’s checklist. Annex H contains an illustration of nomenclature for integrally geared centrifugal air compressors. This International Standard requires the purchaser to specify certain details and features. A bullet ( l ) at the beginning of a paragraph indicates that either a decision or further information is required. Further informa- tion should be shown on the data sheets (see example in Annex A) or stated in the quotation request and purchase order. In this International Standard, where practical, US Customary units are included in brackets for information 1 Scope 1.1 This standard covers the minimum requirements for constant-speed, packaged, general purpose integrally geared centrifu- gal air compressors, including their accessories. This standard is not applicable to machines that develop a pressure rise of less than 0.35 bar (5.0 psi) above atmospheric pressure, which are classed as fans or blowers. Note: Special Purpose and Process applications, including Process Air Services, are covered by API Std 617.
2.3 The editions of the Annex B standards, codes, and specifications that are in effect at the time of publication of this standard shall, to the extent specified herein, form a part of this standard. The applicability of changes in standards, codes, and specifications that occur after publication of this document shall be mutu- ally agreed upon by the purchaser and the vendor. 2.4 Notes following a paragraph are informative. 2.5 Where dual referencing of standards occurs, the system of standards to be used shall be specified. 2.6 Statutory Requirements: The purchaser and the vendor shall mutually determine the measures that must be taken to comply with any governmental codes, regulations, ordinances, or rules that are applicable to the equipment. 3 Definition of Terms Terms used in this standard are defined in 3.1 – 3.36. 3.1 alarm point : A preset value of a parameter at which an alarm is actuated to warn of a condition that requires corrective action. 3.2 axially split: A joint that is parallel to the shaft centerline. 3.3 bearing housing: All bearing enclosures, including the gear casing. 3.4 critical speed: A shaft rotational speed at which the rotor-bearing-support system is in a state of resonance. 3.5 delivered flow: The flow rate determined at the compressor discharge or after the discharge of the aftercooler when included in the vendor scope. Note: When the flow is measured before the compressor inlet, it must be adjusted for the effects of aftercooler pressure drop, compressor seal losses, and interstage condensate removal. 3.6 design: A term that may be used by the equipment manufacturer to describe various parameters such as design power, design pressure, design temperature, or design speed. Note: This terminology should be used only by the equipment manufacturer and not in the purchaser’s specifications. 3.7 gear wheel (bull gear): The low-speed rotor of a gear set.

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