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API TR 17TR6-2012 pdf free download

API TR 17TR6-2012 pdf free download.Attributes of Production Chemicals in Subsea Production Systems.
3.1.4 barrier arrangement Provision of physical separation between two fluids during fluid change out in a fluid circuit, using a barrier element, e.g. a gel. 3.1.5 barrier fluid (spacer) Fluid introduced to the SPS as an intermediary to provide physical separation between an existing fluid and the fluid intended to replace it during the change-out process. 3.1.6 biofilm Viscous or gelatinous coating deposited on SPS components as a result of microbiological growth. 3.1.7 bunkering Transfer of production chemical from transport container to host facility storage facility. 3.1.8 chemical reaction Change of the chemical state of a substance, which may involve a change of oxidation state or molecular structure. 3.1.9 chemical injection system Facilities that inject a production chemical into produced or injected fluids. 3.1.10 completion fluid Fluid in the “A” annulus of a well between the production tubing and well casing. NOTE 1 The fluid may have been in the well when the well completion (tubulars, screens, packer, etc.) were run into the well, or was circulated into the well after the well completion was run. NOTE 2 Completion fluid can also be known as a “workover fluid”. 3.1.11 dead spot Localized region in a fluid circuit whereby fluid in a flowing circuit is stationary or flows at a much lower velocity than the bulk fluid, e.g. step change in bore diameter. 3.1.12 delivery fluid Fluid that is in the fluid conduits at the time of delivery of the SPS equipment. NOTE This fluid may be the service fluid, or where not the service fluid, will be changed out with the service fluid following installation of the equipment . 3.1.13 fluid conduit Steel tube or thermoplastic hose used in an umbilical, jumper bundle/assembly, rigid pipe-work, etc., for the transmission of fluids used in, or produced by a SPS. 3.1.14 fluid change-out Replacement of a SPS service fluid by another fluid.
3.1.15 fluid stability Condition of a fluid in which it is not liable to undergo chemical decomposition i.e. in which the characteristics of the fluid (chemical, physical, micro-biological) remain unchanged over time, after a disturbance, or having been subject to environmental exposure (UV, elevated temperature, etc.). 3.1.16 host facility Offshore platform, floating facility or onshore facility to which the SPS is tied back. 3.1.17 hydrate Compound in which water molecules form a solid ice like structure with methane, i.e. Type I or Type II methane hydrate. 3.1.18 hydraulic analysis Detailed examination of SPS performance on the basis of calculating the variation of pressure in the chemical injection system as a function of production chemical injection rate, relative to system design pressure, in order to assess whether system performance in the various modes of operation is safe and operationally acceptable. 3.1.19 hydrocarbons Produced hydrocarbons, which may be gas, condensate, oil and combinations of all three. 3.1.20 mapping Process of making diagrammatic representations of aspects/issues relating to the design, manufacture, load-out and installation of the components that comprise the SPS, e.g. materials of construction, damage/potential damage locations. 3.1.21 operational envelope Set of parameters that define the intended operational range of a SPS. 3.1.22 parameter Feature of a subsea production system that is variable, measurable or quantifiable and fundamental to the nature and operation of the system. NOTE Examples of SPS parameters are temperature; pressure; dose rate of a production chemical or oil production rate. 3.1.23 production chemical Chemical, or mixture of chemicals, that are applied to produced or injected fluids in order to enable the production or injection process to take place, e.g. prevention of corrosion that could be caused by the produced or injected fluids; prevention of hydrate formation; prevention of mineral scale or wax deposition.

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