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ASME A112.18.1-2005 pdf download

ASME A112.18.1-2005 pdf download.Plumbing supply fittings.
This is the first edition of ASME A1 1 2.1 8.1 /CSA B1 25.1 , Plumbing supply fittings. This joint Standard was developed in response to an industry request for a Standard for testing plumbing supply fittings that would be acceptable in both Canada and the United States. Its coverage is restricted to devices located between the supply line stop and the terminal fitting. Plumbing waste fittings are covered by ASME A1 1 2.1 8.2/CSA B1 25.2, Plumbing waste fittings. Devices not covered by this Standard or by ASME A1 1 2.1 8.2/CSA B1 25.2, e.g., temperature-actuated in-line mixing valves and flexible connectors under continuous pressure, are covered by CSA B1 25.3, Plumbing fittings. The technical content of Clause 5.1 0 of this Standard was developed jointly by the American Association of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) and CSA. This Standard replaces ASME A1 1 2.1 8.1 -2003, Plumbing Fixture Fittings, and, together with ASME A1 1 2.1 8.2/CSA B1 25.2 and CSA B1 25.3, replaces CAN/CSA-B1 25-01 , Plumbing Fittings. The concept of harmonization for plumbing fittings arose in the early 1 990s, when a free trade agreement between Canada, Mexico, and the United States began to be discussed. Standards development organizations (SDOs) were at the forefront of these discussions and an opportunity soon arose for those SDOs involved in setting requirements for plumbing products to establish a process for harmonization. However, the effort to develop a trinational Standard stalled until 2001 , when ASME and CSA decided to develop a binational Standard for plumbing fixture fittings. Harmonization activities were undertaken by a Joint Harmonization Task Group (JHTG), in which the ASME and CSA plumbing fitting committees were equally represented. The responsibility for procedural matters and final approval of technical content was assumed by committees and teams at higher levels within each SDO. Initially, the JHTG’s philosophy was to draft a Standard reflecting existing requirements in the applicable ASME and CSA Standards. This seemed a reasonable task, given that ASME and CSA had already been trying for many years to harmonize the requirements in their plumbing fitting Standards in response to constant requests for revision. There were only a few tests in the applicable ASME Standard that did not appear in its CSA counterpart, and vice versa (corrosion, swing spout strength, and intermittent shock, to name three). However, once the JHTG began to meet, its members realized that there was room for improvement in how both Standards dealt with current products and technologies. It was therefore agreed that the new Standard would not only harmonize the requirements of both existing Standards but also improve on them. Accordingly, the life cycle, thermal cycling, and corrosion tests have all been revised for this Standard to provide the requirements necessary to ensure the continued health and safety of users of plumbing supply fittings. The design requirements of this Standard, however, are generally similar to those of the Standards it replaces, which is understandable considering that plumbing supply fittings perform basically the same functions now that they did when the Standards being replaced were first developed. This Standard was prepared by the ASME/CSA Joint Harmonization Task Group on Plumbing Fittings, under the jurisdiction of ASME Standards Committee A1 1 2 on Plumbing Materials and Equipment and the CSA Technical Committee on Plumbing Fittings. The CSA Technical Committee operates under the jurisdiction of the CSA Strategic Steering Committee on Plumbing Products and Materials. This Standard has been formally approved by ASME Standards Committee A1 1 2 and the CSA Technical Committee. ASME A1 1 2.1 8.1 -2005 was approved as an American National Standard by the American National Standards Institute on May 24, 2005. CSA B1 25.1 will be submitted to the Standards Council of Canada for approval as a National Standard of Canada.

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