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ASME A112.18.1-2012 pdf download

ASME A112.18.1-2012 pdf download.Plumbing supply fittings.
4.14 Materials Coupling nuts, locknuts, and spout-holding nuts shall be made from (a) copper alloys with a minimum copper content of 56%; (b) stainless steel alloys of the 300 or 400 Series; (c) plastics; or (d) materials that comply with Clause 5.1 1 . 4.15 Automatic compensating valve temperature control Automatic compensating valves shall comply with ASSE 1 01 6/ASME A1 1 2.1 01 6/CSA B1 25.1 6. 4.16 Lawn faucets Lawn faucets (other than frost-proof lawn faucets) shall comply with Clause 5.1 0. 4.17 Flexible water connectors Flexible water connectors intended for use under continuous pressure shall comply with ASME A1 1 2.1 8.6/CSA B1 25.6. 5 Performance requirements and test procedures 5.1 General 5.1.1 Preconditioning Before testing, specimens shall be conditioned at ambient laboratory conditions for not less than 1 2 h. 5.1.2 Installation for testing For test purposes, specimens shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 5.1.3 Test conditions Unless otherwise specified in this Standard, tests shall be conducted at ambient laboratory conditions. 5.1.4 Order of tests It shall not be necessary to conduct the tests in a particular order, unless a sequence is specified in this Standard.5.2 Coatings 5.2.1 General The fittings selected for testing shall be as received from the manufacturer and shall not have been subjected to any other test. The significant surfaces of the coated components shall be free of surface defects and uncoated areas and shall not be stained. 5.2.2 Corrosion (all substrates and coatings) Performance requirements After undergoing the applicable test specified in Clause , coatings shall not show more than one surface defect in any 650 mm 2 (1 .0 in 2 ) area of the significant surface or up to three surface defects on a 25 mm (1 .0 in) length of parting line. The surface defects shall be not larger than 0.8 mm (0.03 in) in any dimension.
If widely scattered surface defects are observed after testing (as occasionally occurs), such defects shall not significantly deface or adversely affect the function of the coated part. Test procedure The coated parts shall comply with the performance requirements of Clause after being subjected to one of the following corrosion tests: (a) ASTM G85 (Annex A1 — acetic acid): the test duration shall be 8 h for service conditions 1 (SC-1 ) and 24 h for service conditions 2 (SC-2). (b) ASTM B1 1 7 (neutral salt): this test shall be applicable to SC-2 devices and shall have a duration of 24 h. (c) ASTM B368 (CASS): this test shall be applicable to SC-2 devices and shall have a duration of 4 h. (d) ASTM B380 (Corrodkote): this test shall be applicable to SC-2 devices and shall have a duration of 4 h.   . An SC-1 specimen that passes the SC-2 test shall be considered to have met the requirements of Clause . 5.2.3 Adhesion Performance requirements The coating and the separate layers of multi-layer coatings shall be sufficiently adherent to each other and to the base material to comply with one of the adhesion tests specified in Clause,, or, as applicable. Electrodeposited and PVD coatings on metals Specimens shall be tested in accordance and comply with one of the following adhesion tests specified in ASTM B571 : (a) Paragraph 4: burnish test; (b) Paragraph 7: file test; (c) Paragraph 8: grind-saw test; or (d) Paragraph 9: heat-quench test. Electrodeposited and PVD coatings on plastics Performance requirements Fittings or component parts of fittings that have electrodeposited coatings on plastic bases, including those with additional organic coatings, shall comply with the following requirements when tested in accordance with Clause (a) No surface defects shall be present on significant surfaces. (b) Non-significant surfaces, gates, and parting lines may have minor cracks not longer than 6 mm (0.25 in), provided that there is no loss of adhesion between the base material and the coating. (c) Blisters not exceeding 6 mm 2 (0.01 in 2 ) in area shall be acceptable within 6 mm (0.25 in) of an injection point. If an injection point is within 6 mm (0.25 in) of a significant surface, Item (a) shall apply. (d) Warpage shall be considered acceptable only where it does not affect the performance of the fitting or component. The adhesion of organic coatings shall be evaluated following the procedure specified in Clause and shall not be evaluated during the test specified in Clause

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