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ASME A112.6.2-2017 pdf download

1 GENERAL 1.1 Scope This Standard covers framing-affixed supports (i.e., carriers), with or without concealed tanks, including combination carriers and fittings, for off-the-floor plumbing fixtures (i.e., water closets, urinals, bidets, lava- tories, and sinks). This Standard specifies definitions, materials, general requirements, strength and deflection requirements, and marking requirements. It is not intended to limit the use of other materials and designs that comply with the requirements of this Standard. 1.2 Units of Measurement SI units are the units of record in Canada. In this Standard, the inch/pound units are shown in parentheses. The values stated in each measurement system are equivalent in application; however, each system is to be used independently. Combining values from the two measurement systems can result in nonconformance with this Standard. All references to gallons are in U.S. gallons. 1.3 References The following documents form a part of this Standard to the extent specified herein. Unless otherwise specified, the latest edition shall apply. ASME A112.6.1M, Floor-Affixed Supports for Off-the-Floor Plumbing Fixtures for Public Use ASME A112.19.2/CSA B45.1, Ceramic plumbing fixtures ASME A112.19.5/CSA B45.15, Flush valves and spuds for water closets, urinals, and tanks ASSE 1002/ASME A112.1002/CSA B125.12, Anti-siphon fill valves for water closet tanks ASSE 1037/ASME A112.1037/CSA B125.37, Performance requirements for pressurized flushing devices for plumbing fixtures Publisher: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Two Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016-5990 (www.asme.org) CSA B45.5/IAPMO Z124, Plastic plumbing fixtures Publisher: Canadian Standards Association (CSA), 178 Rexdale Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario M9W 1R3, Canada (www.csagroup.org) IAPMO PS 50, Flush Valves with Dual Flush Device for Water Closets or Water Closet Tank with an Integral Flush Valves with a Dual Flush Device Publisher: International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), 4755 East Philadelphia Street, Ontario, CA 91761 (www.iapmo.org) 1.4 Definitions A number of special terms that are specific to the carriers covered by this Standard are defined in this section. For additional terms pertinent to support and carrier nomenclature, see ASME A112.6.1M. carrier: a concealed structural support. combination carrier and fitting: an assembly for supporting off-the-floor fixtures, which includes a struc- tural support, waste-fitting components, and a flushing device. See Figure 1. off-the-floor fixture: a plumbing fixture, located adjacent to a wall, which has no visible contact with the floor in front of the wall. structural support: a concealed support for an off-the-floor fixture, intended to be affixed to the structural portion of a wall. NOTE: Structural portion of a wall includes wood and steel wall framing, concrete blocks, and poured concrete. 2 MATERIALS 2.1 Carriers Materials used in supports and carrier assemblies shall be made of materials that comply with the material re- quirements specified in ASME A112.6.1M. 2.2 Waste Fittings Waste fittings shall be made of cast iron, bronze, plastic, or other materials suitable for the intended applications and comply with the requirements of this Standard. 3 REQUIREMENTS 3.1 General 3.1.1 Carriers. Carriers for off-the-floor plumbing fixtures shall consist of, at a minimum, the following: (a) the (plumbing) fixture support
(b) means to affix the support to the structural framing wall (c) fixture bolts and hardware on which the plumbing fixture is mounted and that connect directly to the support (d) means to adjust the elevation of the fixture to desired height 3.1.2 Foot Supports. Carriers may have members (i.e., foot supports) designed to rest on the floor in a concealed location for anchoring and supporting purposes. When provided, foot supports shall be capable of extending downward from the carrier to contact the floor or other framing structure to provide added support. 3.2 Combination Carriers for Water Closet and Urinals In addition to the components of a carrier defined in para. 3.1.1, a combination carrier (see Figure 1) for water closets and urinals shall include the following: (a) flushing device (b) supply piping to fixture (c) waste fitting from the fixture piping to carry the waste from the fixture into the waste line (d) gaskets and hardware necessary to connect all components (e.g., inlet and outlet pipes) 3.3 Carriers for Water Closets and Urinals When provided (a) flush tanks shall comply with para. 4.5.2 of CSA B45.5/IAPMO Z124 (b) flush valves shall comply with ASME A112.19.5/ CSA B45.15 or IAPMO PS 50 (c) fill valves shall comply with ASSE 1002/ASME A112.1002/CSA B125.12 (d) pressurized flushing devices shall comply with ASSE 1037/ASME A112.1037/CSA B125.37 3.4 Waste Fittings 3.4.1 When provided, waste fittings shall have the following: (a) watertight seal at their joints (b) means of withstanding the pressure specified in para. 4.1.2 3.4.2 Waste fittings for (a) water closet carriers shall be capable of passing a ball with a 54 mm (2.13 in.) diameter (b) urinal carriers shall be capable of passing a ball with a 23 mm (0.88 in.) diameter (c) lavatory and bidet carriers shall have an outlet with a minimum 31.75 mm (1 1 ∕ 4 in.) nominal outside diameter (O.D.)

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