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ASME A18.1-2020 pdf download

ASME A18.1-2020 pdf download.Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts.
1.1.1 EquipmentCovered byThisStandard. Thissafety Standard covers the design, construction, installation, operation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair of inclined stairway chairlifts and inclined and vertical platform lifts intended for transportation of a mobility- impaired person only. The device shall have a limited vertical travel, operatingspeed, and platform area. Opera- tion shall be under continuous control of the user/atten- dant. The deviceshallnotpenetrate morethanone floor. A full passenger enclosure on the platform shall be prohib- ited. 1.1.2 Equipment Not Covered by This Standard. Equipment not covered by this Standard includes, but is not limited to, the following: (a) elevators, escalators, moving walkways, material lifts, and dumbwaiters within the scope of ASME A17.1-1997 and later editions (b) personnel hoists within the scope of ANSI/ASSE A10.4 (c) manlifts within the scope of ASME A90.1 (d) powered platforms and equipmentforexterior and interior building maintenance within the scope of ASME A120.1 (e) portable equipment (f) amusement devices (g) stage and orchestra lifts 1.1.3 Application. This Standard applies to new instal- lations only, except section 10, which applies to new and existing installations. 1.1.4 Effective Date. The requirements of this edition ofthe Standard are effective as ofthe date established by the local regulations of the authority having jurisdiction. Where the Standard has notbeen adopted bylocal regula- tion and a specific edition has not been stipulated by contractual agreement, compliance with this edition is recommended as of the effective date listed in the front of the document. 1.2 Purpose and Exceptions The purpose ofthis Standard is to provide for the safety of life and limb, and to promote public welfare.The provisions of this Standard are not intended to preventthe use ofsystems, methods, ordevices ofequiva- lentorsuperiorquality, strength, fire resistance, effective- ness, durability, and safety to those prescribed by this Standard, provided that there is technical documentation to demonstrate the equivalency ofthe system, method, or device. The specific requirements of this Standard shall be permitted to be modified bythe authorityhaving jurisdic- tion based on technical documentation orphysical perfor- mance verification to allowalternative arrangements that will assure safety equivalent to that which would be provided by conformance to the corresponding require- ments of this Standard.
listed: equipment or materials included in a list published byanindependentcertifyingorganizationconcernedwith product evaluation that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment or materials and whose listing states whether that equipment or material meets appropriate standards or has been tested and found suitable for use in a specified manner. machine, driving: the power unit that applies the energy necessary to raise and lower equipment covered by the scope of this Standard. belt-drive machine: an indirect-drive machine equipped with a belt system as the connecting means. chain-drive machine: an indirect-drive machine with a chain system as the connecting means. direct-drive machine: an electric driving machine, the motor of which is directly connected mechanically to the driving sheave, drum, or shaft without the use of belts or chains, either with or withoutintermediate gears. direct-plunger driving machine: a hydraulic driving machine in which the plunger or cylinder is directly attached to the platform. electric driving machine: a driving machine where the energy is applied by an electric motor. It includes the motor, brake, and the driving sheave or drum together with its connecting gearing, belt, or chain, if any. friction machine: a direct-drive machine in which the motion of the platform is obtained through friction between a guiding means and driving wheels or rollers. geared-drive machine: a direct-drive machine in which the energy is transmitted from the motor to the driving sheave, drum, or shaft through gearing. geared-traction machine: a geared-drive traction machine.

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