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ASME AG-1–2019 pdf download.Code on Nuclear Air and Gas Treatment.
When required by the referencing Code section, visual inspections shall be performed. AA-5240 Inspection Checklist WhenrequiredbythereferencingCodesection,acheck- list shall be used to plan visual inspections and to verify that the required observations were performed. This checklist shall establish minimum inspection require- ments to be followed by the manufacturer. AA-5250 Reports When required by another section of this Code, a written report shall be provided and shall contain the following as a minimum: (a) the inspection procedure used, date of the inspec- tion results, and inspector’s signature (b) identification ofinstruments, equipment, tools, and documents to the extentthattheyortheir equivalents can be identified for future examinations (c) observations and dimensional checks specified by the respective test data and reports developed during inspection and testing (d) conclusion and recommendation by visual inspec- tion and testing personnel (e) reference to previous reports if this report is for reinspection and testing AA-5300 WELDED CONNECTIONS Examination, inspection, and testingofwelds shall be in accordancewithArticleAA-6000 andothersectionsofthis Code. AA-5400 BOLTED CONNECTIONS AA-5410 Before Bolting Flange seating surfaces shall be visually examined for cleanliness and acceptable surface finish. Flange faces shall be examined for compliance with tolerances for mutual parallelism and axial alignment, as well as for planarity of each flange. Gaskets shall be visually examined to ensure confor- mance with specified dimensional tolerances and freedom from tears, breaks, or other defects.
Testingshallbeperformedtoensurethatprototypeand production equipment possess dynamic and functional characteristics that meet requirements of this Code and of the design specification. Among the characteristics that may be determined by testing are fluid flowrates and pressures, air filter perfor- mance, electrical quantities, bearing operation, rotor balance, and sound power level. AA-5800 SEISMIC TESTING Refer to AA-4350 for the requirements of structural design verification by testing. ARTICLE AA-6000 FABRICATION, JOINING, WELDING, BRAZING, PROTECTIVE COATING, AND INSTALLATION AA-6100 GENERAL AA-6110 Scope and Applicability ThisArticlecontainsgeneralrequirements forthefabri- cation, joining, welding, brazing, protective coating, and installation of components, parts, and equipment. The requirements of this Article are applicable to the extent they are invoked by the other sections. Unique re- quirements are given in each Code section. AA-6120 Materials AA-6121 Material Selection. Materials to be used in the fabrication of components, parts, and appurtenances shall conform to the requirements ofArticle 3000 ofeach Code section. AA-6122 Material Identification. Materials to be used in the fabrication and installation of components, parts, and appurtenances shall be identified on fabricationManufacturer’s fabrication drawings shall provide complete information regarding location, type, size, and extent of all welds. Field and shop welds shall be clearly identified. Members to be joined by welding shall be brought into correctalignmentwhen necessaryand held in position by bolts, clamps, ortemporaryweldattachments meetingthe requirements ofAA-6230, until the welding is completed. Weldingshall conform to the requirements ofAA-6300. AA-6250 Mechanical Joints AA-6251 Fasteners and Threaded Joints. Fasteners and threaded joints shall be provided with locking devices or other means to prevent loosening under the vibratory loads expected during system operation. The threads of all bolts or studs shall be engaged for the full length ofthe thread in the nut unless specified other- wise on manufacturer’s design drawings orspecifications. Thread engagementofall bolts andstuds shall be as speci- fied on the drawings. AA-6252 Structural and Pressure Boundary Fasteners. Type, size, and spacing ofstructural and pres- sure boundary fasteners shall be selected to meet the maximum stresses anticipated for the worst load combi- nation and shall be documented by calculations. AA-6253 Thread Lubricants. Any lubricant or compound used in threaded joints shall be acceptable for the service conditions and shall not react unfavorably with any contact material. Contact surfaces within fric- tion-type joints shall be free of oil, paint, lacquer, galva- nizing, or other plating. AA-6254 Removal of Thread Lubricants. All thread lubricants or compounds shall be removed from surfaces that are to be welded.

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