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ASME ASP-2010 pdf download.Safety Standard for Automotive Service and Maintenance Products.
2-1 PRODUCT MARKING AND INDENTIFICATION 2-1.1 Rated Capacity All ASMPs shall have the rated capacity marked in a prominent location on the ASMP by casting imprint, metal stamp, or use ofdurable materials and attachment methods. These rated capacities should be stated as required based upon the nature of the ASMP. 2-1.2 Identification Each ASMP shall include identification or identifying marks of the original manufacturer or supplier by cast- ing imprint, metal stamp, or use of durable materials and attachment methods. The manufacturer or supplier shall be able to identify the date of manufacture of each ASMP. 2-1.3 Safety Markings Each ASMP shall include safety signs, labels, or both developed by the manufacturer or supplier. The signs or labels shall be affixed by use of durable materials and attachment methods to each ASMP in a location visible to the operator. The ANSI Z535 series of stan- dards containing guidelines for product safety signs shall be followed. Examples of safety markings for specific types of ASMPs are listed in paras. 3-3.1, 4-3.1, 5-3.1, 6-3.1, and 7-3.1 of this Standard. 2-2 PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS AND SAFETY MESSAGES 2-2.1 Product Manuals and Instructions Each ASMP shall be provided with an owner’s manual or operator’s instructions. The instructions shall specify the proper operating procedures and basic function of the components. The instructions shall specify the rec- ommended replacementfluids and the maintenance and inspection procedures and intervals, as applicable. For- mats shall follow the ANSI Z535 series of standards containing guidelines for instructions and manuals. Copy conveying the intent of section 2-3 shall be included with the instructions. Consideration should be given to multilanguage literature and decals.
2-3 OPERATION, MAINTENANCE, AND INSPECTION 2-3.1 Operation The owner and operator shall have an understanding of the product, its operating characteristics, and safety operating instructions before operating the ASMP. Safety informationshall be emphasized and understood. If the operator is not fluent in English, the product and safety instructions shall be read to and discussed with the operator in the operator’s native language by the purchaser or owner or his designee, making sure that the operator comprehends their contents. 2-3.2 Maintenance The ASMP shall be maintained in accordance with the product instructions. 2-3.3 Inspection (a) Visual inspection shall be made before each use of the ASMP by checking for abnormal conditions such as cracked welds; leaks; and damaged, loose, or miss- ing parts. (b) Other inspections shall be made per product operating instructions. (c) Each ASMP shall be inspected immediately if the device is believed to have been subjected to an abnormal load or shock. This inspection should be made by a manufacturer’s or supplier’s authorized repair facility. (d) Owners and operators should be aware that repair of this equipment may require specialized knowledge and facilities. An annual inspection of the ASMP should be made by a manufacturer’s or supplier’s authorized repair facility, and any defective parts, decals, or safety labels or signs should be replaced with the manufactur- er’s or supplier’s specified parts. A list of authorized repair facilities is available from the manufacturer or supplier. 2-3.4 Damaged Equipment Any ASMP that appears to be damaged in any way, is found to be worn, or operates abnormally shall be removed from service until repaired. Necessary repairs should be made by a manufacturer’s or supplier’s authorized repair facility if repairs are permitted by the manufacturer or supplier.
2-5.2 Electrically Powered Products ASMPs that are powered by electricity shall be listed to an applicable national standard such as UL 201 or UL 2089, depending upon whether the power is AC or DC. 2-5.3 Guards Where applicable, guards shall be required on all ASMPs. Guards shall comply with ANSI B15.1. 2-5.4 Related Standards Consideration shall be given in the design of each ASMP regarding the other standards that might influ- ence the design or use of the product for issues involving health, ergonomics, and OSHA and applicable state and local requirements. This Standard dictates design parameters for each type of ASMP. There may be other standards that should be followed in the design of any product. For example, this includes NFPA standards dealing with products that handle flammable fluids or mixtures. When there is no directly applicable standard, thought should be given to offering options for different environments. 2-5.5 OSHA Requirements It shall be the responsibility of the employer to ensure that applicable personal protective equipment (PPE) as mandated by OSHA is employed. 2-5.6 Design Qualification Testing In design qualification testing of all parts, the same sample shall be used for all tests where this is feasible.

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