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ASME B107.500-2020 pdf download

ASME B107.500-2020 pdf download. Pliers and Shears.
This Standard provides performance and safety re- quirements for pliers suitable for cutting wire; for long-nose, long-reach pliers; for hand shears generally used for cutting sheet metal; for wire-twister pliers, which are used primarily for securing safety wires; for pliers suitable for inserting and removing internal and external retaining rings, including those covered by ASME B18.27; for pliers having gripping surfaces and/ or cutting edges; for cutters and pliers less than 6 in. long, equipped with a spring, typically used in the manu- facture of electronic equipment; for adjustable joint and slipjointpliers; forlockingpliers thataresuitableforgrip- ping, clamping, pinching, cutting, and wrenching; for pliers (also known as Cannon Plug Pliers) that are used primarily for connecting or disconnecting threaded lockcollarsofelectricalconnectors; andforwirestrippers, and the cutting and stripping functions of multipurpose tools, for use on solid and stranded copper wire. The tools covered in this Standard are listed by Categorynumber in Sections 6 through 16. Inclusion ofdimensional data in this Standard does not mean thatall products described herein are stockproduc- tion sizes, northatall production sizes are listed. Consum- ers should consultwith manufacturers concerning lists of stock production sizes. This Standard also details the purpose, apparatus, procedures, and performance specifications for the func- tional testingofpliers and shears. Itis intended to be used bymanufacturers,purchasers,andotherpersonsinvolved with evaluating these products. Test procedures described herein are used to evaluate conformance to performance requirements. This Standard may be used as a guide by state autho- rities orotherregulatorybodies intheformulationoflaws or regulations. It is also intended for voluntary use by establishments that manufacture the tools covered.
full length ofcut: maximum distance cut in one operation. initial load: a small force applied to the pliers’ handles during the hand load test prior to the major load. jaw area: the portion of the pliers between the fastener (pivot point) and the cutting or gripping end. length ofcut: the distance cut in one operation. load:massorforce,dependingonuse.Aloadthatproduces aforce due onlyto gravitymaybe expressedinmass units. Any other load is expressed in force units. majorload: the force applied to the pliers’ handles during the handle load test intended to deflect the handles. moment: a measure of the tendency of a force to rotate a body upon which it acts about an axis. permanent set: the difference in distance, measured at a right angle to the centerline, between handles before and after application and removal of the major load (also known as plastic deformation). room temperature: 60°F to 80°F. scored surface: serrated or crosshatched surface to enhance gripping ability. shall, should, and may: mandatory requirements of this Standard are characterized by the word shall. If a provi- sion is of an advisory nature, it is indicated by the word shouldorisstatedasarecommendation. Ifaprovisionisof an optional or alternative nature, it is indicated by the word may. shearing blades: blades that have a single contact point (with each other) that moves from the joint end of the blade to the tip of the blade as handles close. shroud: device used to limit tip travel on external ring pliers. universal: changeable from internal to external setting without disassembly. Additional definitions are shown in ISO 5742.
Requirements in this section apply to all categories. Sections 6 through 16 indicate additional requirements specific to the respective category. Pliers and shears shall pass applicable tests in Section 17 without cracking, breaking, or requiring repair or readjustmentto any components during testing. Pliersandshearsshallbesimilartothosedepictedinthe referencedfigures andshallbeproportionedinallparts to be strong, durable, and easy to operate. (a) Figures. The illustrations shown hereinare descrip- tive, not restrictive, and are not intended to preclude the manufacture of pliers that are otherwise in accordance with this Standard. All figures are shown without comfort grips. (b) Dimensions. Table values are in inches unless other- wise specified. Dimensions in tables are without comfort grips. Overall length dimensions shall be determined by measuring the pliers with jaws in the closed (and locked, where applicable) position.

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