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1 SCOPE 1.1 General This Standard fr cast iron drainage fttings used on self-aerating, one-pipe Sovent ®1 drainage systems, covers the fllowing: ( a) description ( b) sizes and methods fr designating openings fr reducing fttings (c) marking ( d) material (e) pitch (j) design (g) dimensions and tolerances (h) tests 1.2 Quality Systems Requirements relating to the product manufcturers’ Quality System Programs are described in Annex A. 1.3 References Standards and specifcations adopted by refrence in this Standard are shown in Annex I, which is part of this Standad. 2 DESCRIPTION ( a) These fttings are designed fr use in buildings utilizing the single-stack Sovent ® system. (b) Fittings are designed to achieve satisfactory per­ frmance within standards based on normal fxture load as per American Plumbing Industry Fixture Unit Values fr Drainage. 2 ( c) Manufcturers are cautioned that confgurations shown in Figs. l and 2 are critical. The dimensions specifed herein shall govern all cases. 1 ®Registered U. S. Paent and Trade Mak Offce by 0. H. C. Messner. 2 Refrence: National Standad Plumbing Code – 1996 ( d) Connections shall confr to sizes and dimen­ sions listed in Table 1 or 2. Joint connections are designed fr use with hubless soil pipe couplings con­ frming to the requirements of the Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute Specifcation 310-85. 3 SIZES (a) Sizes and dimensions of fttings shall confrm to dimensions in Table I or 2. (b) Opening size sequence is illustrated in Figs. 3 and 4. 4 MARKING (a) Each ftting shall be marked with the manufctur­ er’s name or trademark, and with “Sovent ® .” (b) Fittings of gray cast iron do not require material marking. If the manufcturer elects to use malleable iron or ductile iron, the ftting shall be marked with “Ml” or “DI.” 5 MATERIAL (a) The material used to manufcture the fttings shall be in accordance with ASTM A 126, Grade A. (b) At the option of the manufcturer, fttings may be furnished of malleable iron complying with the requirements of ASTM A 197 or A 47, Grade 32510, or of ductile iron complying with AST A 395 or A 536, Grade 65-45-12. 6 PITCH All nominal 90 deg drain openings shall be pitched down toward the ftting in a slope of Y 4 in./ft (2.1 % ) of horizontal pipe with refrence to a horizontal plane.
7 DESIGN FEATURES (a) The liquid or air fow area on each side of baffe Q (see Fig. I) in the aerator ftting shall not be less than the crossasectional area of the nominal pi p size (NPS) of the main line. (b) Aerator fttings with double soil entries shall have bafe P (see Fig. 1). (c) The cross-sectional area (see Fig. 2) opposite the bafe (fow area) on the deaerator fttings shall be from 1.2 to 1.4 times the nominal pi p size (NPS). 8 DIMENSIONS AND TOLERANCES 8.1 Dimensions Dimensions in U.S. customary units given in Tables through 4 are the standard. For conversion to metric units, I in. = 25.4 mm. 8.2 Metal Thickness At no point in the castings shall the metal thickness be less than 90% of the values listed in Table I. 2 CAST IRON FITINGS FOR SOVENT DRAINAGE SYSTEMS 8.3 Outside and Inside Diameter of Fitting The diameters shall be within the tolerances shown in Table 3. 8.4 Center-to-End Dimensions The center-to-end dimensions shall be within the tolerances shown in Table 4. 9 ALIGNMENT The maximum allowable variation in the alignment of all openings shall be 0.06 in./f (0.5%), except fr openings that are pitched. 10 TESTS (a) Each ftting shall be subjected to a minimum hydrostatic pressure of 25 psi. The ftting shall not leak water or sweat at any part of the surfce. Alternate tests that demonstrate the same degree of soundness and strength are acceptable. (b) Manufcturers shall inspect fttings prior to ship­ ment for the presence of cracks, holes, or other defcts. ( c) Manufacturers shall be prepared to cerify that their products meet the requirements of this Standard.

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