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ASME B16.47-2020 pdf download

ASME B16.47-2020 pdf download.Large Diameter Steel Flanges.
This Standard covers pressure-temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, marking, and testing for pipe flanges in sizes NPS 26 through NPS 60. Included are flanges with rating class designations 75, 150, 300, 400, 600, and 900 with requirements given in both SI (Metric] and U.S. Customary units, with diameter of bolts and flange bolt holes expressed in inch units. This Standard is limited to (a) flanges made from cast or forged materials (b) blind flanges made from cast, forged, or plate mate­ rials (see Tables 1 and 2] Also included in this Standard are requirements and recommendations regarding flange bolting, flange gaskets, and flange joints. 1.2 Flange Series This Standard provides two series of flange dimensions. Series A specifies flange dimensions for general use flanges. Series B specifies flange dimensions for compact flanges that, in most cases, have smaller bolt circle diameters than Series A flanges. These two series of flanges are, in general, not interchangeable. The user should recognize that some flanged valves, equipment bolted between flanges, and flanged equip­ ment may be compatible with only one series of these flanges.
User Accountability This Standard cites responsibilities that are to be assumed by the flange user in the areas of, for example (a) application (b) installation (c) system pressure testing (d) operation (e) material selection 1.6 Quality Systems Requirements relating to the product manufacturer’s quality system program are described in Nonmandatory Appendix C. 1.7 Relevant Units This Standard states values in both SI (Metric] and U.S. Customary units. As an exception, diameter of bolts and flange bolt holes are expressed in inch units only. These systems of units are to be regarded separately as standard. Within the text, the U.S. Customary units are shown in parentheses. The values stated in each system are not exact equivalents; therefore, it is required that each system of units be used independently of the other. Except for diameter of bolts and flange bolt holes, combining values from the two systems constitutes nonconformance with the Standard. 1.8 Selection of Materials Criteria for selection of materials suitable for particular fluid service are not within the scope of this Standard.
1.10.1 Pressure Rating Designation. Class, followed by a dimensionless number, is the designation for pressure- temperature ratings (i.e., Class 75, Class 150, Class 300, Class 400, Class 600, Class 900〕. 1.10.2 Size. NPS, followed by a dimensionless number, is the designation for nominal flange size. NPS is related to the reference nominal diameter, DN, used in international and other standards. For the sizes covered in this Stan­ dard, the relationship is DN = 25 x NPS. 1.11 Similar Flanges MSS SP-44 covers similar Class 150, 300,400,600, and 900 flanges for use with high strength pipe made from materials having yield strength greater than 276 MPa [40,000 psi] resulting in large inside pipe diameter and thinner pipe wall. See para. 2.7. ( 2 〇 ) 1.12 Cases ASME issues Cases that are applicable to this Standard by, for example, adding new materials or alternative construction requirements. The Cases (a) modify the requirements of this Standard (b) are applicable from their issue dates until the Cases are annulled (c) may be used only when agreed to by the purchaser and the manufacturer, and when so agreed, the marking shall include the Case number 2 PRESSURE-TEMPERATURE RATINGS 2.1 General Pressure-temperature ratings are maximum allowable working gage pressures, in bar units, at the temperatures in degrees Celsius shown in Tables 3 through 28 for the applicable material and class designation. Tables 3C through 28C list pressure-temperature ratings using pounds per square inch [psi] units for pressure at the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. For intermediate temperatures, linear interpolation is permitted. Interpo­ lation between class designations is not permitted.

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