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ASME B18.24a-2006 pdf download

ASME B18.24a-2006 pdf download.Addenda to ASME B18.24-2004.
1 INTRODUCTORY NOTES 1.1 Scope 1.1.1 This Standard is intended to provide all users (manufacturers, distributors, design and configuration, parts control. inventory control, test and maintenance functions) with the capability to identify externally threaded, internally threaded and nonthreaded fastener products by a preselected order of coding as specified herein. 1.1.2 The B18 PIN is a self-contained code, with distinct identification linkage to individual ASME B18 fastener product standards. The PIN code concept pro- vides for direct traceability back to the applicable B18 product standard. In case of conflict with this document and the B18 product standard, the B18 product standard shall take precedence. 1.1.3 This Standard is not intended for use as a substitute for the correct usage of the B18 standards for fastener selection and specification. The PIN code is intended as an alternative to the plain text product cal- lout as prescribed in the “Designation” or “Ordering” sectionofthe source B18 productstandard. The existence ofa PINcode forB18 fastener descriptionis notintended to imply that all products described are available. 1.1.4 A few B18 fasteners cannot be thoroughly identified using the 18-digit system defined in this Standard. If the user does not find the PIN needed in the body of this Standard, consult the Appendix where special PIN systems have been created to specifically identify those items. If the sought-after PIN for the desired B18 fastener is not in the Appendix, notice should be sent to the secretary of B18 so that the item can be addressed in the next revision of this Standard. 2 GENERAL GUIDANCE 2.1 Optional Coverage Each individual ASME B18 fastener product standard provides for optional B18 PIN coverage under “Designation” or “Ordering” data. 1 2.2 Alpha “I” and “O” Alpha “I” , “O”, and “-“ are not used in PIN field coding configuration. 2.3 Characteristics The B18 PINcode shall identifyonlythose characteris- tics specified in the B18 product standards. 2.4 Succession of B18.24.1, B18.24.2, and B18.24.3 21-Character PIN Codes Nonmandatory Appendices A and B ofthis document provide instructions and resources for determining the superseding B18.24.4 18-character PIN code for any can- celled B18.24.1, B18.24.2, and B18.24.3 21-character PIN code. 2.5 Identification of Part Numbering System on Drawings On drawings or parts lists where a column exists for identifying the manufacturer or its Commercial and Government Entity Code, indicate the CAGE Code “05047/B18.24” or “ASME B18.24”. If no column exists or there is space only for the five-digit CAGE Code, then a note must indicate that the part numbers are defined in ASME B18.24. 2.6 Guidance for Using B18.24 B18.24 (this Standard) defines an 18-digit alpha- numeric system for describing most ASME B18 fasten- ers. Those using this Standard shall refer to the specific ASME B18 standard for product details first, and only then use the appropriate descriptive number defined in this Standard for placing inquiries and orders. This Standard can be used to describe fasteners that are not readily available from suppliers, or to create numbers in conflict with the B18 product requirements, such as selecting inappropriate or non-recommended finishes. This is why it is critical for users to review the applicable B18 standard before using B18.24 to describe a desired fastener. The product requirements cited in individual ASME B18 Standards take precedence over conflicting numbers that might be created using B18.24.

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