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ASME B30.13-2022 pdf download

ASME B30.13-2022 pdf download.Storage/Retrieval (S/R) Machines and Associated Equipment.
hoistchain: a roller or calibrated link chain in a hoist that supports the carriage. hoist motion: the motion of a storage crane that lifts and lowers the carriage. limit sensor: a device that is operated by some part or motion of a power-driven machine or equipment to alter the circuit associated with the machine or equip- ment. load sizing: a process to determine that the loads are dimensionally acceptable for storage. machine aisle: space between storage compartment rows in which the S/R machine operates. manual operation: pertains to equipment functions that require action by the operator. master switch: a switch that dominates the operation of contactors, relays, or other remotely operated devices. normalservice: service thatinvolves operatingatless than 85% ofthe rated load and notmore than 10 lift cycles/hr, except for isolated instances. operationalaid: an accessorythatprovides information to facilitate operation ofthe equipmentor thattakes control of particular functions without action by the operator when a limiting condition is sensed. original language(s): language(s) used by the manufac- turer to develop product instructions and manual(s). pickup and deposit(P and D) station: a location at which a load entering or leaving storage is supported in a manner suitable for handling by the S/R machine. Prior usage has also called this the transfer station, I/O, pickup and delivery station, or feed/discharge station.
ratedload(capacity):themaximumloaddesignatedbythe manufacturer for which the equipment is designed and built. rated-load speed: the maximum speed at which the S/R machine or aisle-transfer car motions are designed to operate under rated load. remote operation: an S/R machine or aisle-transfer car operation in which the motions are controlled or directed from a location other than the machine. retrieve: to move a desired load from a predetermined, occupied compartment to a P and D station. rope: refers to rope covered by ASME B30.30. running sheave: a sheave that rotates as a load carriage is lifted or lowered. runway: an assembly ofrails, beams, girders, brackets, or framework on which the equipment travels. sensor: a device that responds to a physical stimulus and transmits the resulting signal. serviceplatform:ameansprovidedforworkersto perform maintenance, inspection, adjustment, or repair of equip- ment. shall: a word indicating a requirement. should: a word indicating a recommendation. shuttle: the load supporting mechanism on the carriage that provides for movement of loads into or out of storage compartments or transfer stations. slavepalletorslavecontainer:ahandlingbaseorcontainer thatis normallycaptive to a system on which a unitload is supported. stop: a device to limit travel. This device normally is attached to a fixed structure and normally does not have energy absorbing ability.
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