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ASME B30.27-2005 pdf download

ASME B30.27-2005 pdf download.Material Placement Systems.
SECTION 27-0.1: SCOPE Volume B30.27 includes provisions that apply to the construction, installation, operation, inspection, and main- tenance of mobile material placing booms, mobile tele- scoping boom conveyors, separate placing booms, and material placement accessories (see Figs. 1 through 3). This Volume does not apply to the pumping ele- ments of a concrete pump, conveyors, mortar convey- ing or spraying machines, or dry mix shotcreting ma- chines. The concrete pump portion of these machines is cov- ered by CPMA 27-2000. The conveyor section of these machines is covered by ASME B20.1. SECTION 27-0.2: DEFINITIONS concrete delivery hose: a flexible delivery hose having a coupling on each end. control panel: controls mounted on the material place- ment system. delivery systems: delivery lines, pipes, hoses, attachment components, and transfer valves, through which mate- rial is transported (see Fig. 4). designated person: a person selected or assigned by the employer or the employer’s representative as being competent to perform specific duties. end hose: a flexible concrete delivery hose that only has one coupling. manual valve override: a mechanical valve actuator used to operate an electrically controlled valve in emergency or breakdown situations. manual valves: a valve whose manual actuator is the only means of valve actuation. maximum support force: the maximum force exerted on the supporting surface at any one outrigger. normal operating conditions: conditions during which a material placement system is performing functions within the scope of the original design. Under these con- ditions, no one other than the operator is on the mate- rial placement system.
outrigger: extendable or fixed members attached to the mounting base, which rest on supports at the outer ends used to support the machine. placing booms: manual or power driven, slewable work- ing devices, consisting of one or more extendable or foldable parts supporting the material delivery system, and directing the discharge into the desired location. priority switching: transferring control of one or more functions from a control location to a different control location. qualified person: a person who, by possession of a recog- nized degree in an applicable field, or certificate of pro- fessional standing, or who by extensive knowledge, training, and experience, has successfully demonstrated the ability to solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter and work. rated load: maximum allowable working load designated by the manufacturer. remote control: a portable control device connected to the machine by a wire cable or linked by radio or other means. safety device: a means placed in use for the specific pur- pose of preventing an unsafe condition. sheave: a grooved wheel or pulley used with a rope to change the direction and point of application of a pulling force. shortrigging: one or more outriggers not fully extended on the side away from the boom operational area. signal person: see spotter. specific type (of material placement system): a model, style, or size classification of material placement system (e.g., three section boom, four section boom, 50 meter class, conveyor). spotter: a signal person/spotter is a person positioned at a vantage point where both the point of discharge and the operator of the material placement system can be seen and relays information to the operator.
SECTION 27-1.1: MARKINGS 27-1.1.1 Placing Boom Rating and Identification Markings (a) The following information shall be legibly marked on a durable identification plate on the placing boom: (1) manufacturer, supplier, or importer (2) year of manufacture (3) fabrication (serial) number (4) type or model (5) maximum design working pressure in the hy- draulic system (6) rated load (a) for placing booms, maximum weight per foot of delivery system when filled with material based on 150 lb/ft 3 (b) for conveyor, maximum weight of material per foot of belt (b) Power rating for electrical equipment above 24 V (voltage, frequency, power, amperage draw). (c) Placing booms shall be clearly marked with a la- bel affixed near the tip elbow warning about the use of improper diameter delivery system. (d) A durable plate showing the maximum weight of the hanging system components shall be attached to the boom tip. (e) Placing booms shall not be used to move freely suspended loads. A safety sign shall be placed on the machine to this effect. 27-1.1.2 Material Placement System Rating and Identification Markings The following information shall be legibly marked on a durable identification plate on the lower support struc- ture of the material placement system: (a) maximum working pressure of material place- ment system hydraulic circuit(s) (b) maximum material pressure, if applicable (c) maximum working pressure supplied to the boom hydraulic system 27-1.1.3 Straight Delivery Pipes Rating and Identification Markings The following information shall be legibly and durably marked on straight delivery pipes longer than 12 in.: (a) manufacturer or supplier (name or code) (b) nominal diameter

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