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ASME B30.6-2020 pdf download

ASME B30.6-2020 pdf download.Derricks.
Operators shallberequiredbytheemployerto pass a written or oral examination and a practical operating examination, unless able to furnish satisfactory evidence of qualifications and experience. Qualifications shall be limited to the specific type of equipment for which the operator is examined. (b) Operators and operator trainees shall meet the following physical qualifications, unless it can be shown that failure to meet the qualification will not affect the operation ofthe derrick. In such cases, special- ized clinical or medical judgments may be required. (1) visionofatleast20/30 Snelleninoneeyeand20/ 50 in the other, with or without corrective lenses. (2) abilityto distinguishcolor, regardlessoftheposi- tion, if color differentiation is required. (3) adequate hearing to meet operational demands, with or without hearing aid. (4) sufficient strength, endurance, agility, coordina- tion, and speed of reaction to meet the operational demands.
(5) normal depth perception, field ofvision, reaction time,manualdexterity,coordination, andno tendencies to dizziness or similar undesirable characteristics. (6) a negative result on a substance abuse test. Testingshallbeinaccordancewithapplicablegovernment regulations and policies of the employer. (7) no evidence of having physical defects or emotional instability that could render a hazard to the operator or others, or that in the opinion ofthe examiner could interfere with the operator’s performance. If evidenceofthisnatureisfound,itmaybecausefordisqua- lification. (c) Operator requirements shall include, but not be limited to, the following: (1) evidence ofsuccessfullypassingaphysical exam- ination as defined in (b) (2) satisfactorycompletion ofa written examination covering operational characteristics, controls, emergency control skills such as response to fire, control malfunction, as well as characteristics and performance questions appropriate to the derrick type for which qualification is being sought (3) demonstratedabilityto read,write, comprehend, and use arithmetic and a load/capacity chart (4) satisfactorycompletion ofa combination written and verbal teston load/capacity chartusage thatcovers a selection of the configurations the derrick may be equipped to handle, for the derrick type for which quali- fication is being sought (5) satisfactorycompletion oftestingbyappropriate written, oral, or practical methods demonstrating profi- ciency in operating the specific derrick type, including prestart and poststart inspections, shutdown, and securing procedures (6) demonstrated understanding of the applicable sections of the B30 Standard and federal, state, and local requirementsIn some situations, the derrick owner and user may be the same entity and is therefore accountable for all ofthe following responsibilities. In other cases, the user may lease or rent a derrick from the owner without supervi- sory, operational, maintenance, support personnel, or services from the owner. In these situations, paras. 6- and 6- shall apply. 6- The derrick owner’s responsibilities shall include the following: (a) providing a derrick that meets the requirements of Chapters 6-1 and 6-2, as well as specific job requirements defined by the user (b) providing a derrick and all necessary components as specified by the manufacturer, necessary to meet the user’s requested configuration and capacity (c) providing all applicable load/capacity chart(s) and diagrams (d) providing additional technical information pertaining to the derrick, necessaryfor the derrickopera- tion, when requested by the derrick user (e) providing field assembly, disassembly, operation, and maintenance information, plus warning decals and placards installed as prescribed by the derrick manufac- turer) establishinganinspection,testing,andmaintenance program in accordance with Chapter 6-2 and informing the derrick user of the requirements of the program (g) designating personnel for the purpose of inspec- tion, maintenance, repair, transport, assembly, and disas- sembly (h) ensuring thatthe designated personnel are compe- tent to perform their assigned duties as required by Section 6-0.4 6- The derrick user’s responsibilities shall include the following: (a) complying with the requirements of this Volume, the derrickmanufacturer’s requirements, and those regu- lations applicable at the work site (b) designating personnel to supervise derrick activ- ities (c) ensuring that the derrick is in proper operating condition prior to initial use at the work site by (1) verifying that the derrick owner has provided documentation that the derrick meets the inspection re- quirements of paras. 6-2.1.3, 6-2.2.1, and 6-2.4.1 (2) verifying that a frequent inspection has been performed as defined in para. 6-2.1.2 (d) verifying that the derrick has the necessary lifting capacity to perform the proposed lifting operations in the planned configuration (e) usingderrickoperators thatmeetthe requirements ofpara. 6-3.1.2 and are qualified to perform the tasks that will be required with the derrick they are assigned to operate (f) ensuring the designated operator(s) has been noti- fied of adjustments or repairs that have not yet been completed, prior to commencing derrick operations (g) designating personnel for inspections as required in Sections 6-2.1 and 6-2.4 (h) designating personnel for the purpose of lifting activities, maintenance, repair, transport, assembly, and disassembly, as applicable .

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