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ASME B30.8-2020 pdf download

ASME B30.8-2020 pdf download.Floating Cranes and Floating Derricks.
The B30 Standards Committee will render an interpre- tation ofthe provisions ofthe B30 Standard. An Interpre- tation Submittal Form is available on ASME’s website at http://cstools.asme.org/Interpretation/Interpretation- Form.cfm. Phrase the questionas arequestforaninterpretationof a specific provision suitable for general understanding and use, not as a request for approval of a proprietary design or situation. Plans or drawings that explain the question may be submitted to clarify the question. However, they should not contain any proprietary names or information. Read carefully the note addressing the types of requests that the B30 Standards Committee can and cannot consider. Upon submittal, the request will be forwarded to the relevant B30 Subcommittee for a draft response, which will then be subject to approval by the B30 Standards Committeepriortoits formalissuance.TheB30 Standards Committeemayrewritethequestionforthesakeofclarity. Interpretations to the B30 Standard will be available online at https://cstools.asme.org/Interpretation/ SearchInterpretation.cfm. SECTION X: ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE The equipment covered by the B30 Standard is subject tohazardsthatcannotbeabatedbymechanicalmeans,but only by the exercise of intelligence, care, and common sense. It is therefore essential to have personnel involved intheuse andoperationofequipmentwho arecompetent, careful, physically and mentally qualified, and trained in theproperoperationoftheequipmentandthe handlingof loads. Serious hazards include, but are not limited to, improper or inadequate maintenance, overloading, drop- pingorslippingofthe load, obstructingthe free passage of the load, and using equipment for a purpose for which it was not intended or designed. The B30 Standards Committee fully realizes the impor- tance of proper design factors, minimum or maximum dimensions, and other limiting criteria of wire rope or chain and their fastenings, sheaves, sprockets, drums, and similar equipment covered by the Standard, Within the general scope defined in Section I of the Introduction, ASME B30.8 applies to cranes and derricks mounted on barges or pontoons.
Floating cranes are convertible for excavation service and other uses that are categorically not considered to be lifting service. The requirements of this Volume are applicable only to floating cranes and floating derricks used for vertical lifting and lowering of freely suspended unguided loads (see Figures 8-0.1-1 through 8-0.1-5). SECTION 8-0.2: DEFINITIONS accessory: a secondary partor assembly ofparts that con- tributes to the overall function and usefulness of a machine. administrative or regulatory authority: governmental agency or the employer in the absence of governmental jurisdiction. anchorage: a point of attachment for tie-downs. angle indicator, boom: an accessory that measures the angle of the boom to the horizontal. auxiliary hoist: a secondary hoist rope system used either in conjunction with, or independently of, the main hoist system. axis ofrotation: the vertical axis around which the crane superstructure rotates. billboard:aflat,usuallyinclinedplatformonwhichtostow spare or emergency anchors. bitt(bollard): an upright wooden or metal post on a dock, barge, or pontoon to which hawsers may be secured. boom:amemberhingedtothesuperstructureandusedfor supporting the hoisting tackle. boom angle: the angle above or below horizontal of the longitudinal axis of the base boom section. boom harness: the block and sheave arrangement on the boom point to which the topping lift rope is reeved for raising and lowering the boom. boom hoist mechanism: a means for supporting the boom and controlling the boom angle.counterweight: weight used to supplement the weight of the machine in providing stability for lifting working loads. cross angle: the lateral angle between the load tackle and center plane of boom caused by list and trim. derrick, shearleg: a boom with or without a mast, not capable of swinging, hinged at the bottom, and raised and lowered by a boom hoist mechanism or a hydraulic cylinder. derrick, stiffleg: a rigid membersupportingthe mastatthe head. drum:acylindrical memberaroundwhich aropeis wound for lifting and lowering the load or boom. dynamic loading: loads introduced into the machine or its components by forces in motion. eye:aloop formedattheendofaropebysecuringthedead end to the live end at the base of the loop.

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