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ASME B31.3-2014 pdf download

ASME B31.3-2014 pdf download.Process Piping.
(e) solvent cemented joint: a joint made by using a sol- vent cement to soften the surfaces to be joined and press- ing them together (F) electrofusion joint; a joint made by heating the sur- faces to be joined using an electrical resistance wire coil that remains embedded in the joint. bonder: one who performs a manual or semniautomatic bonding operation. bonding operator: one who operates machine or automatic bonding equipment. bonding procedure: the detailed methods and practices involved in the production of a bonded joint. bonding procedure specification (BPS): the document that lists the parameters to be used in the construction of bonded joints in accord lance with the requirements of this Code. borescopic examination; a visual examination aided by a mechanical or electromechanical device to examine the inside diameter of inaccessible welds. branch connection fitting: an integrally reinforced fitting welded如a nun pipe and connected to a branch pipe by a buttwelding, socket welding, threaded, or flanged joint; includes a branch outlet fitting conforming to MSS SP-97. brazing: a metal joining process wherein coalescence is produced by use of a nonferrous filer metal having a melting point above 427°C (800°F), but lower than that of the base metals being joined. The fller metal is distrib- uted between the closely itted surfaces of the joint by capillary atraction. butt joint: a joint between two members aligned approxi- mately in the same plane. Category D: see fluid servrice. Category M: see fluid service.
damaging to human tissues: for te purposs of t Code, t phrase desribes a fluid sevice in which exposur to te fud, caused by leakage under expeted opeatng conditios, c harm skin, eyes, or eposed mucous membranes so that irreversible damage may result unless prompt restorative measures a take. (Rstor­ ative measures may include fushing wit water, admin­ istaton of antidotes, or medication.) design minimum temperature: se para. 301.3.1. design pressure: se para. 3012. design tempertur: se para. 301.3. designer: the person or organization in responsible c of te eg e g deig. displacement strs range: se para. 3192.3. elements: se piping elements. engineering design: te detailed desig gover g a pip­ ing system, developed from process and mechanical requirement, conforming to Code rq nt, and including all necessary specifications, drawings, and supportng d o et. equipment cannectin: se connectians fr extel piping. erection: the complete installaton of a piping system in te loatons and on te support desigated by te egneng desig including any field assembly fabri­ caton, ex ton, inspection, and testing of te sys­ te as requird by this Code.
oxygen-arc cutting (OAC): an oxygen-cutting process that uses an arc between the workpiece and a consumable electrode, through whichoxygen is directed to the work- piece. For oxidation-resistant metals, a chemical flux or metal powder is used to facilitate the reaction. oxygen cutting (OC): a group of thermal cutting processes that severs or removes metal by means of the chemical reaction between oxygen and the base metal at elevated temperature. The necessary temperature is maintained by the heat from an arc, an oxyfuel gas flame, or other source. oxygen gouging: thermal gouging that uses an oxygen cuting process variation to form a bevel or groove. packaged equipment: an assembly of individual pieces or stages of equipment, complete with interconnecting pip- ing and connections for extemal piping. The assembly may be mounted on a skid or other structure prior to delivery. petroleum refinery: an industrial plant for processing or handling of petroleum and products derived directly from petroleum. Such a plant may be an individual gaso- line recovery plant, a treating plant, a gas processing plant (including liquefaction), or an integrated refinery having various process units and attendant facilities.

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