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ASME CA-1-2013 pdf download.Conformity Assessment Requirements.
1 introDuCtion 1.1 scope This Standard specifes the requirements for certifca- tion and accreditation of organizations supplying prod- ucts and/or services that are intended to conform to the requirements of ASME Standards listed in Table 1-1. 1.2 Defnitions Applicant: a company applying for ASME certifcation or accreditation. ASME Designated Organization: an entity appointed by ASME to perform an administrative activity in accord- ance with an applicable Code or Standard. ASME Designee: an individual authorized by ASME to perform administrative functions on its behalf. audit: a documented evaluation performed to verify, by examination of objective evidence, that those selected elements of a previously approved Quality Program have been developed, documented, and implemented in accordance with specifc requirements. An audit does not include surveillance or inspection for the purpose of process control, or acceptance of material or items. Authorized Inspection Agency: an organization accredited by ASME in accordance with ASME QAI-1. Enforcement Authority: a government entity that enforces regulations or laws and that formally recognizes an ASME Code or Standard as a means of compliance with those regulations or laws. governing standard: the code or standard that establishes the technical conformance requirements for the product and/or service to be certifed. organization: a legal entity that holds, or has applied for, ASME accreditation or certifcation. Quality Program: the term is intended to mean quality assurance or quality control depending on the require- ments of the applicable Code or Standard. review: evaluation of a manufacturer’s quality control sys- tem, including a demonstration of compliance with Code requirements covered by the scope of the Certifcate(s) being applied for, including as applicable, design, material, fabri- cation, examination, testing, inspection, and certifcation. survey: documented evaluation of an organization’s abil- ity to perform its Code activities as verifed by a deter- mination of the adequacy of the organization’s Quality Program and by review of the implementation of that program at the location of the work. team leader: an ASME Designee who is also the member of the team, who has complete responsibility for the conduct of the survey, review, audit, investigation, or interview. 2 CertifiCAtion ProCess 2.1 Application 2.1.1 Any organization desiring a Certifcate of Authorization shall apply to ASME. The application and related forms and information may be obtained from the ASME Conformity Assessment department (www. asme.org). 2.1.2 An application for each facility shall be sub- mitted when an organization plans to fabricate products conforming to the requirements of ASME Codes and Standards, listed in Table 1-1, at more than one location. 2.1.3 The organization shall agree that each Certifcate of Authorization and each ASME Certifcation Mark are, and remain at all times, the property of ASME, that they will be used only in accordance with the gov- erning standard, and will be promptly returned to ASME upon request, or when the Applicant discontinues the Code or Standard activities covered by this Certifcate, or when the Certifcate of Authorization has expired and a new Certifcate has not been issued. 2.2 quality Program 2.2.1 Any organization holding or applying for a Certifcate of Authorization shall demonstrate a Quality Program that establishes that all requirements of the governing standard will be met. The Quality Program shall be in accordance with the governing standard spec- ifed in Table 1-1. A written description of the Quality Program that identifes the documents and procedures the organization will use to produce a product that con- forms to the applicable standard shall be available for review and acceptance by the Authorized Inspection Agency and the ASME Designee.
2.3 initial Certifcation review 2.3.1 introduction. Before the issuance or renewal of a Certifcate of Authorization, the organization is sub- ject to a review by an ASME survey team. 2.3.2 Purpose of the review. The purpose of the review is to evaluate the Applicant’s Quality Program and its implementation. The Applicant shall demon- strate suffcient administrative and fabrication func- tions of its Quality Program to show that the Applicant has knowledge and ability to produce the products (including services) covered by the Quality Program. Fabrication functions may be demonstrated using the current work, a mock-up, or a combination of the two. If there is current Code work in-house at the time of the survey, it shall be included as part of the demonstration item used for the certifcation review.

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