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ASME CA-1-2020 pdf download

ASME CA-1-2020 pdf download.Conformity Assessment Requirements.
Applicant: a company applying for ASME accreditation or certification. ASME Certificate: a certificate issued by ASME to attest to an organization’s capabilities to provide items or services in conformance to the governing standard. The types of certificates issued include, but are not limited to, Certifi- cate of Authorization, Certificate of Accreditation, and Certificate of Acceptance. ASME Designated Organization: an entity appointed by ASME to perform an administrative activityin accordance with an applicable code or standard. ASME Designee: an individual authorized by ASME to perform administrative functions on its behalf. audit: a documented evaluation performed to verify, by examination of objective evidence, that those selected elements of a previously approved quality management system have been developed, documented, and imple- mented in accordance with specific requirements. An audit does not include surveillance or inspection for the purpose ofprocess control, or acceptance ofmaterial or items. Authorized Inspection Agency: an organization accredited by ASME in accordance with ASME QAI-1. Authorized Observer: an employee of the pressure relief device testing laboratory who is authorized by ASME under a current Certificate of Acceptance to provide supervision and oversight of capacity certification testing and verify the results. CertificateHolder:anorganizationthathasbeenevaluated by ASME and is in possession of an ASME Certificate.
evaluation: an assessment performed to determine the capabilities of an organization to meet the requirements ofthe governing standard. The governing standard iden- tifies the type of evaluation to be performed, i.e., audit, interview, review, survey. Field Site: the location of final permanent installation of pressure-retaining equipment. All construction activities may be performed at this site. governing standard: the code or standard that establishes the technical conformance requirements for the product and/or service. organization:alegalentitythatholds,orhasappliedfor,an ASME Certificate. QualifiedInspection Organization: an organization accred- ited by ASME in accordance with ASME QAI-1. quality management system: an all-inclusive term that covers quality assurance, quality control, quality system, or quality program, depending on the require- ments of the governing standard. review: evaluation of a manufacturer’s quality control system, including a demonstration of conformance with Sections of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code covered by the scope of the Certificate(s) being applied for, including, as applicable, design, material, fabrication, examination, testing, inspection, andcertifica- tion. This term is not applicable to certification programs addressed under Section III ofthe ASME Boiler and Pres- sure Vessel Code. Society: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. survey: documented evaluation of an organization’s capability to provide an item in conformance with the governing standard as verified by a determination of the adequacy of the organization’s quality management system and by review of the implementation of that quality management system at the location of the work. Team Leader: an ASME Designee who is also a member of the team, who has complete responsibilityforthe conduct of the audit, interview, investigation, review, or survey. General. The issuance or renewal of an ASME Certificate is based upon ASME’s evaluation and accep- tance of the quality management system. The type of evaluation (audit, interview, review, survey) performed is determined by the governing standard. 2.3.2 Program Implementation and/or Demonstra- tion. The organization’s quality management system anditsimplementationshallbeevaluatedbyateamestab- lished by ASME. (a) The organization shall demonstrate all elements of its quality management system to show knowledge, understanding,andabilityto producethe items(including services) covered bythe qualitymanagementsystem. The organization may use current work, a mock-up, or a combination of the two to demonstrate the ASME- required elements of the quality management system. If at the time of the evaluation there is work being performed in-house under the accepted quality manage- ment system manual, it shall be included as part of the demonstration and evaluated by the team.

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