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ASME EA-1–2009 pdf download

ASME EA-1–2009 pdf download.Energy Assessment for Process Heating Systems.
1 SCOPE AND INTRODUCTION 1.1 Scope This Standard covers process heating systems that are def ned as a group (or a set or combination) of heating equipment used for heating materials in the production of goods in an industrial plant. These systems, commonly referred to using terms such as furnaces, melters, ovens, and heaters, use heat sources such as fuels, electricity, steam, or other f uids to supply the required heat. This Standard sets the requirements for conducting and reporting the results of a process heating energy assess- ment (hereafter referred to as an “assessment”) that con- siders the entire system, from energy inputs to the work performed as the result of these inputs. An assessment complying with this Standard need not address each in- dividual system component or specif c system within an industrial facility with equal weight; however, it shall be suff ciently comprehensive to identify the major energy eff ciency opportunities for improving the overall energy performance of the system. This Standard is designed to be applied primarily at industrial facilities, but many of the concepts can be used in other facilities, such as those in the institutional and commercial sectors. Assessments involve collecting and analyzing data on system design, operation, energy use, and performance and identifying energy performance improvements. An assessment may also include rec- ommendations for improving resource utilization, reducing per unit production cost, reducing lifecycle costs, and improving environmental performance re- lated to the assessed system(s). Assessment activities shall include, but are not limited to, engaging facility personnel and providing information about the as- sessment process; collecting and analyzing data on system design, operation, energy use, and perform- ance; and identifying energy performance improve- ment opportunities and making recommendations in a written report.
This Standard sets requirements for (a) organizing and conducting a process heating assessment (b) analyzing the data from the assessment (c) reporting and documentation of assessment f ndings When contracting for assessment services, plant per- sonnel may use the Standard to def ne and communi- cate their desired scope of assessment activity to third party contractors or consultants. 1.2 Limitations This Standard does not provide guidance on how to perform a process heating system assessment but sets the requirements that need to be performed during the system assessment. For additional assistance, see the companion ASME Guide for ASME EA-1-2009 Energy Assessment for Process Heating Systems on how to apply this Standard. (a) This Standard does not specify how to design a process heating system. (b) This Standard does not specify the qualif cations and expertise required of the person using the Standard. (c) This Standard does not specify how to implement the recommendations developed during the assessment but does include recommendations for implementation activities. (d) This Standard does not specify how to measure and validate the energy savings that result from imple- menting assessment recommendations. (e) This Standard does not specify how to calibrate test equipment used during the assessment. (f) This Standard does not specify how to estimate the implementation cost or conduct f nancial analysis for recommendations developed during the assessment. (g) This Standard does not specify specif c steps required for safe operation of equipment during the assessment. The plant personnel in charge of normal operation of the equipment are responsible for ensuring that it is operated safely during the data collection phase of the assessment. (h) For outside individuals working in a private or publicly owned company facility, issues of intellectual property, conf dentiality, and safety shall be addressed before beginning an assessment.

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